Another mate dies

None of us saw the round that got taffy
we just heard its deathly sound...
As it whispered "allah akbar" and
"inshallah enta buhkarat"....
Maybe you tomorrow.
And the hercules refuelled
and stood six bearers waiting, heads down.
Did something glint on taffs chest?
His mothers teardrop
and now a white cross in a line of white crosses
evans 642 it will read "for valour"
and the c.o. Must say something
but taffy gave the ultimate
in this futile and already lost cause!!
Sorry for your loss - but that was a bloody terrible bit of poetry.

Mark The Convict

The boy stood on the burning deck,
His pockets full of crackers.
One fell down his trouser leg,
And blew off both his knackers.
Not a single mention of Binfantry. 3/10.
There was a young Welshman called Taff
A poem about him was naff
Was he Army or RAF?
The Outrage bus may ding-ding
But the poets surely no Kipling

And neither is I.
Are there many cold winters' nights in Afghanistan? I hear my Muse calling...
McGonagall would be proud.
Well, that has gone really good so far.


Book Reviewer
Shit happens!