Another "Massacre" In Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I post this from our friends at World Socialists to show how the choices of just a few key words (my bold) can completely change the perceived tenor of a military operation for the otherwise uninformed reader. Such propaganda is a critical part of the insurgent and counterinsurgent doctrine. The use of noncombatant casualties for political purposes demonstrates how difficult, if not intractable, this war is.

  2. Yeah, pretty shoddy yellow journalism on their part...but I honestly wouldn't expect anything less from an organization called "World Socialists." Nothing to get worked up about...
  3. Hmmm wonder if thats by the same bloke who writes our labour party press statements.
  4. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    There is a lot I would disagree with in that article, but I'd say that 'slaughter' and 'massacre' are not inappropriate descriptors, given what happened.
  5. Fcukin slimeballs are what reality bending socialists are,poll after poll shows that Afghans even the Pashtuns want to be governed by the central government and not by the newest allies of the far left.

    The US backed Contras in the Nicuagran civil war burned down schools and hospitals,the left is outraged.
    The US backed Afghan govenment builds schools and hospitals and are burned downed by the Taliban,the far left are now falling over each other saying that they're "freedom fighters".
    Anyone else see the theme here?
  6. I think you are premature in your judgment. Until all facts are known as to what actually occurred, it is irresponsible, and in this case, quite purposeful, to use such emotionally charged terms to describe the event. I do not believe it is appropriate in a military context to use such terms without proof of criminal intent. This is even more true in the context of the current ROE in place.
  7. Seriously, all i can smell in this hell hole is death and destruction.
    If the West think that they can change 3,000 years of ideology and culture in a 10 minute occupation, then more fool them.
    (obviously 10 minutes of occupation meaning in ratio terms of 3,000 years of culture, or in real terms one generation or 20 years)
  8. The term slaughtered to me personally has connotations of being deliberate, the civilian deaths were blatantly not meant thus I have problems with that term being used. Tradgedy? Yes! Slaughter? No!
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Aww stuff it, pull out and give it some instant sunshine the whole damm country.

  10. include substantial parts of Pakistan & Iran, JOB DONE!! :twisted:
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Job Jobbed.

    caveat, I think Iran is likely to sort itself out sooner rather than later. Their different to the Arabs and from the few Iranians I heard from they are getting fed up to the back teeth with their Islamic Republic and would be quite happy with a straight forward Republic.
  12. "BiscuitsAB"
    "caveat, I think Iran is likely to sort itself out sooner rather than later. Their different to the Arabs and from the few Iranians I heard from they are getting fed up to the back teeth with their Islamic Republic and would be quite happy with a straight forward Republic."

    I agree to a certain extent on the westernised urban Iranians, but unfortunately the bulk of the population is NOT! They still are totally brainwashed by the ayatollahs! I cant see much change in Iran for the foreseeable future! Hence "amadinnerjacket" constantly having a go at the west, trying to develop nukes, interfering in Iraq & now in Syria & indirectly Lebanon, stirring it up against Israel!!
  13. JJ,

    Luckily only the informed reader is likely to read anything written by Mnr. Van Auken or the World Socialists and 50% will likely suffer the blinding headache which is the immediate reaction to mind bending fact mangling.

    The Taliban already have an excellent propaganda machine and if they have heard of the World Socialists, their opinion of them may not differ markedly from that of other readers of this site.

    We know that ISAF strategy is to minimise untargeted civilian casualties whilst the Taliban et al seek to maximise targeted civilian casualties.

    Just keep repeating the message.

  14. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer


    I have seen/read of some one-sided battles being described as 'slaughters' or 'massacres;' criminal intent does not necessarily come into play, it refers to a mass killing in which those killed had little or no chance/capability to defend themselves. Moreover, it seems pretty clear that special forces (as well as predator drones) are involved in 'assasinations' of the enemy. Again, I see nothing wrong with the use of this noun.

    Finally, while I commend your wide choice of reading material, I don't really think this particular rag reaches or preaches to anyone but the already converted.

    Now, where can I get a subscription?
  15. Nevertheless I think in even those situations you posit, there was an intentional element lacking in the air strike in this case (unless later facts prove otherwise).

    As I indicated in my caveat when I originally posted this thread, we would do well to at least be aware of the larger information war that is integrally involved with the kinetic and the "hearts and minds" ones. I am not as sanguine as you and some other posters that this kind of "journalism" is only read by "true believers."

    As a journalist yourself, I am sure you are aware of the incredible speed with which information (even such propaganda like this) is picked up and retransmitted, with or without attribution, to other outlets, blogs etc. to the point it gains its own surficial legitimacy. The reality is that the vast majority of those who read these later iterations, even if not already "true believers," do not go further to verify or test the information such that it then becomes their "truth."