another march against the brave anglians returning from ops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bitterandtwisted, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. fire up the outrage bus

    When is the govt going to do something about this - its getting out of hand now... Our guys should not be subject to this its wrong IMHO
  2. Been done already dude.
  3. sorry guys couldnt find it
  4. That's democracy for you.
  5. I'm outraged that anyone over the age of 12 gets outraged!

    Democracy, freedom of speech, tolerance, right to protest, ability to ignore stupity - any of those mean anything to you?
  6. I think it's quite nice being referred to as a crusader. Where can I get hold of some chainmail?
  7. Ive a yard of it in the garage you can have, along with a set of old skis and an antique vice.

    You'd look ace with all that on
  8. Thought that was a bergan?
  9. Are they still being gay about the crusades? The Moors rampaged all over the shop and no one harps on about it.
  10. Just let them get on with it. You are only playing into their hands by giving them attention.
  11. I think that same phrase was whispered through a pantry door by a bespectacled GP when your Mum and Dad were going at it.
  12. What is the mileage on that thing now?
  13. Not to worry, they won't have the balls to show up. Just because some Muslim geek put together a swanky poster in photoshop with what looks like characters masked straight out of games doesn't mean any of them will actually dare show their faces, I mean how often do they in comparison to the amount of crap they write online.

    I like the way they brutilised the George Cross on the poster, I bet the little shi'ite who made it went right down to his local Tesco's straight after making it and bought some value bread with his British Government dole money. Ahh, Irony.
  14. I thought the amusing little bilingual speech given by the resident Mong sounded familiar!

    I have availed myself of their kind invitation to 'contact us'. Hope they enjoy the link! :twisted: