Another Major disaster.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Been done a while a go ;)
  2. This man really does take some believing. Does anyone claim him? The Salisbury Journal doesn't make mention of his capbadge - who and what is he?

    £40,000 stolen from SSAFA.
    £61,000 stolen from 'Pete's Arm & Leg Fund'

    Two previous courts martial - one for sexual assault the other for fraud.
  3. He's AGC.
  4. AGC (SPS), i believe.
  5. Jailed for three years - so presumably now a civvy.
  6. I believe he "left" the army.
  7. May seem like a bone question but, having been Court Martialed for fraud how the feck did he end up in a position to do it again?
  8. the spooky part is - and it is true if any journo REALLY wants to probe it - is that this ''Despicable' major who stole £100k from war heroes' has already earned his pension and it will be paid into his bank while he serves time in the nick. Can you believe that? !

    I thought that if you went down for something serious then your pension went with you, but no - it still clicks on, and if you ar already past the 22 year point (16 for offrs) it will be there when you come out. It is true !

    Call me naive but I think that whatever he stole (plus interest) should be recovered from his estate (pension whatever) and repaid to his victims.

    Call me Hot Tottie and soft & gentle but following that offence he should be stranded upside down with piano-wire on each ankle while a metal funnel is hammered into his rectum and a molten iron is fed into his guts...but I have always hated ******* *****.
  9. I believe that the police here,have the same 'rules' on pensions

  10. Amazing he joined the army. He clearly has all the qualifications to be a politician.
  11. The reason one gets the pension is because it is considered implied earnings throughout length of Service, so cannotbe taken from you, just as they cannot seek to recover your past pay. You only lose pension when you go off pay.
  12. You can lose (forfeit) your pension for treason, getting at least 10 years inside for Official Secrets Act offences and a bunch of serious 'in war' offences (plus 'grave sabotage in a time of peace', whatever that is. Probably not pushing over headstones.) You can be dobbed specific amounts (withheld) out of your pension if you owed HMG money - not charities.

    Not saying this is 'fair' or 'right', just saying it is.
  13. But Idrach, he has STOLEN a large amount of money and, it appears he will not have to repay it to his victims. At the same time he will receive a large tax-free lump sum of approx £75k (if he has not already had it) and an index-linked pension of a third of that (£25k taxable) increasing for the rest of is miserable life.

    Is there no way of getting the money back off him through the courts and should the MOD not enable & encourage this ?

    I think the Civvie courts siezed of ill-gotten gains & assets of criminal activity from crooks in UK too ?