Another LS & GC Question

Quick question about the LS & GC. Obviously it's 15 years service, it this 15 years from when you joined if you were adult entry or is it 15 years from your 18th birthday? Just after a bit of clarification. Cheers for any sensible answers back.
Makes sense that it would start from aged 18.

It used to be a requirement that Boy Soldiers/Junior Soldiers would have their existing Regimental Conduct Sheets destroyed when going into adult service, so they would literally, start with a clean sheet.

One result of that was, I suppose, that any ex-boy with the required two and a half year's service could put up a 'dodger tape' and no one could challenge its validity.
[pedant]I believe it's actually from 17½.[/pedant]
I can't speak for today's situation but formerly, while adult pay kicked in from seventeen and a half, reckonable service started from eighteen.

Anyone joining prior to age eighteen would expect to serve until the day before their (xx) birthday, depending on the length of their engagement.
Well, looking at the link above, it would appear that I am indeed wrong. So I shall humbly shut the **** up, apologise for gobbing off, and sit quietly in the corner! Harrrumph.
It'wernt like that in my day :) - had to do 18 years from 18th birthday to get it - but I also stand corrected by someone who knows better than I about how things are done today - I shall also now shut the **** up on the subject and contemplate my navel, through a mirror of course as thats the only way I can actually see it.

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