Another loveable rogue kills himself

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Haile, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. A local "much loved rogue" killed himself at the weekend and the local police took it on themselves to shut down the A500 (the main road through Stoke on-Trent....basically a mini motorway) so that the family could tie flowers and balloons to the central reservation, which are now causing jams as people slow to look at them.

    Inevitibly mum has referred to him as "my little soldier boy"

    Tributes to dad killed on A500

    strangely he is not unknown to the local constabulary and courts, his CV including for the last few months including.......

    FENTON: Teenager Nathan Foreman, who has pleaded guilty to being in charge of a dog while dangerously out of control in a public place, will be sentenced next month after the preparation of a pre-sentence report.
    FENTON: Teenager Nathan Foreman has pleaded not guilty to being the owner of a dog which caused injury while dangerously out of control in a public place on March 7 this year.

    The 18-year-old, of Manor Street, Fenton, also denied assaulting Rachel Shufflebotham occasioning her actual bodily harm on the same date.
    FENTON: A teenage father broke into a primary school near to his home and 12 days later committed criminal damage at a car sales premises.

    On both occasions 18-year-old Nathan Foreman had been drinking, North Staffordshire magistrates heard.

    The defendant, of Manor Street, Fenton, pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal at Christchurch Primary School, Fenton, on May 8 and criminal damage at MRM Car Sales at Fenton on May 20.

    He further admitted breaching a community order for burglary at Afford Rent A Car, Fenton and breaching another community order for an attempted burglary at McDonalds, Fenton. He was jailed for a total of 120 days.
    FENTON: Teenager Nathan Foreman has been remanded in custody after being questioned about an alleged burglary at a school.

    The 18-year-old, of Manor Street, Fenton, is charged with carrying out a burglary at Christchurch Primary School, in Fenton, with intent to steal.

    He also faces an allegation of criminal damage on a different day.

    Looks like up north (can't remember if it was Bradford or Bolton) isn't the only place with loveable rogues/little soldiers killing themselves on the roads...luckily this one only damaged the bark on the tree he hit.
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  2. Would I be considered insensitive if I said my heart pumps pure purple p1ss?
  3. Fricker 2.... The Revenge!
  4. Police twice closed a section of the D-road over the weekend so that relatives and friends of Nathan Foreman could lay flowers at the scene of the collision.

    I can understand this whole "flower placing" tribute if there was no body to bury, but it has become all too common. I can't believe the motorway was shut twice just for this.
  5. Sadly Foreman will be joining auld Matthew Fricker in that big Chav Car Park upstairs. It's a pity that Foremans car did not burst into flames and could have been called a Foreman Grill.

    Remember children Central Reservations & Lamposts have to be treated with respect.

    At least the DSS/Dole bill will decrease slightly in Staffordshire. I would imagine that the Staffordshire Cops are bit pi$$ed off at not getting held over any more and will miss the overtime payments chasing the wee scrote at all hours :cry:
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  6. Natural Selection....... ... ... .. .
  7. I've checked- this lot haven't put up a FB Tribute page. Word's spread after the last episode....
  8. After reading some of the background to this little Tosser, I cannot help but thinking what the hell were the family thinking of? He died at his own hands which may be under dubious circumstances, thankfully he didn't hit anyone else, he had a liking for the inside of the courts and caused all sorts of inconvenience to businesses and a school. What if his dog had attacked a young child? Perhaps the family should keep a low profile and mourn in private causing as little a fuss as possible therefore avoiding comments thats seen on various websites. Mummy's little soldier? Don't make me laugh.
  9. A fabulous role model for all the scrotes my wife and I have encountered over the last couple of years, I sincerely hope they all emulate the recently deceased young Foreman at the earliest opportunity.
  10. It would be wrong to speak ill of the dead, normally...
  11. Rest in pieces.
  12. Not much real news today then eh?... :roll:
  13. "He was the best dad in the world, the best anyone could have asked for and anybody would say that. He also loved his motorbikes."

    How can I possibly compete as a father with this glowing example? It seems that being a feckless dishonest scrote trumps being married to the mother, obeying the law and working for a living every time.

    I look forward to passing his little Chav shrine and gobbing on it as I go by