Another Litvinenko???


Mad_Moriarty said:
Russian ex-PM has mystery illness

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Few words about former Russian PM Egor Gaidar. His grandfather Arkadiy Gaidar was a famous writer (he wrote books for children and his real surname was Golikov). In his famous book "Timur and his team" he described boys and girls that helped the old and widows of fallen soldiers. Arkadiy Gaidar took part in the Russian civil war was a commander of a big regiment being only 17.

After German invasion Arkadiy Gaidar wore a military uniform again and died as a hero near Kiev.

By contrast his grandson was born with 'a silver spoon in the mouth'. With such a famous surname all doors were open for him. Just after his graduation he became a head of economic section of Pravda newspaper (main nespaper in the Soviet union). It was a very prominent appointment. Then mr.Yeltsin appointed him as a PM then (unlike the imaginary hero of his grandfather's book) Egor Gaidar didn't help the old, he helped thieves to became richer and so the vast majority of Russians hate him. I believe that many wished him to go directly to the Hell.

Egor Gaidar is a political cadaver. So unlikely he was poisoned. Probably he tasted to much beer in Irealand...