Another Little Gem from EBay

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MrsRaven, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Could always drill a few holes and it would make a charming barbecue griddle.
  2. Ask seller a question:

  3. it's actually difficult to get so many spelling mistakes in to such a short description :)

    just look for someone dyslexic from ashford. shouldn't be hard lol
  4. Deer Sur,

    Wiht reverence to the abbuv poast, I resemble that rimark!

    Dissleksik of Assford
  5. Am I detecting a trend in poor security of signage?

    Did there not used to be a large Applied OPINTEL Corps cap-badge on the wall on the wall outside Templer Applied Training Wing?

    Perhaps you could ask the Flight SGT up on the hill to come down and provide a bit of security advice? Alternatively we could always send a security Warrant Officer over from RAF Digby
  6. Or you could **** off.
  7. Come on then admit it, who has said his name out loud 3 times? Ad-arse-tra please go away and play with the traffic and leave talking about security matters to the grown ups.
  8. What exactly is the item for sale? DII or whoever it is that run the work computers these days have blocked e-bay.
  9. Invicta,

    The item is the Officers Mess sign from Ashford. I myself think I will pass up the opportunity to purchase said item. However if it were the sign to Block 6 or indeed one of those wrought iron sheep or the accompanying shepherd from the roundabout outside Templar Barracks, now that would be a different matter. They are surely of far more historcal importance (and could certainly tell a far better story about your average Corps soldier)!
  10. Hmmmmmm , I can just about see them looking out my window as I type, Its dark in about 6hrs. How much are you prepared to stump up ? :D :wink:

  11. Blimey LoneTree, do they still exist? I took a trip down Memory Lane last year on my way down to Dover to catch a ferry and stopped off in Ashford. I was trying to explain to my other half who is ex-REME and who was getting extremely irate at my insistance that I just had to show him a roundabout (Bordon council clearly did not understand culture quite like Ashford) about the presence of said items. Unfortunately the 12 years since my last visit meant that although I managed to find the housing estate that is now Templar Barracks, alas no sheep (or were they cows?).

    Anyway, back to your question, I would stump up a fair few quid for one of those. I am laughing as I type thinking back to the drunken nights spent on that roundabout trying to 'liberate' them.
  12. This is what is for sale :lol:

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  13. He has obviously just worked out his logon and password again - there has been a sudden flurry of mong comments. Lets hope someone steals the mouse mat upon which he has made a note of said logon and password - then he can go back to rocking back and forth in the corner of his very own special padded room.