Another life ruined

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Warrior_Poet, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Refugee's 'sex attack on girl of 7'

    A SOMALIAN refugee due for deportation SIX YEARS ago has appeared in court charged with child sex attacks.

    Sadiq Hussein Mohammed, 30, was accused of abducting and sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl.

    He was also charged with sexually touching a 15-year-old girl, harassing two other girls and another sex offence.

    Bail was not requested at Bristol Magistrates Court. Mohammed has lived in the city since being granted political asylum in 1994.

    He was recommended for deportation in 2000 but no action was taken.
  2. Any link?
  3. Looks like with all of these blunders coming to light now the Home Office will bow to public pressure and act accordingly.
    This scum will get the punishment that he deserves and deported on completion of his sentence. Personally I could think of a more fitting punishment involving a lenght of barbed wire and my wicked sense of humour. :twisted:

  4. There will probably be nore of these appearing over the next months :wink:
  5. can't we just deport them anyway. Why must we waste tax payers money detaining them and THEN deporting them????
  6. Don't be silly! It's against the Human Rights Act as they might get hurt if they go back to somewhere who has stricter laws on rape/murder/child abuse/drugs than we do :wink:
  7. he cant be deported to somali no commercialflights there .I say strap him to a trident
  8. Sounds like a wonderful way to travel he should get home ever so quickly and send the rest of the no hopers with him
  9. Anybody done with kiddy-fiddling should be accidently remanded to the "general population" of a prison, with a destinctive type of uniform (clown comes to mind) and repeatedly pointed out to the chavs. That way we can turn the chavs into something close to being useful to society and you get rid of the sickos in one go.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    i still think we can get around the humans right act by dropping them in the middle of the pacific in a rubber dinghy...
  11. I wonder which Political Party will have the guts to create the Human Responsibilities Act - breach that, and you waive your Human Rights :evil: :evil:
  12. Death of a thousand paper cuts, now lets see if this prompts self control. Deportation, 1x Hercules round trip 1x parachute each out you go lads, hope the manufacturers have'nt been cutting corners on the paracord.
    Lets take English law back to as it was in the 50's, hard labour included, common sense all round.
  13. whats somali for I'm a CIA agent and have $5000 on my person
    to be put on his t-shirt before throwing him out the back of a c130?
  14. Including sewing maibags! It'll never happen :wink: