Another Lee Enfield question

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. It's a "Long" Lee converted to a "short" rifle (SMLE), the SMLE came into service in 1903 and many of the older long rifles were converted, 4T is my ackowledged expert when it comes to smellies, I dare say he has a lot more to add to this pressure 4T. :D
  2. Cheers Josey, but I was after some more specific information about the rifle in my link and it's markings.

    I've tried looking on a few sites, but have yet to find what the CON (P or perhaps D) IV means? I'm also confused by the markings on the butt plate.

    Any ideas on a price? I was thinking of going to about 350?

  3. Its an official Enfield factory modernisation of a Long Lee Enfield Mk1* to the then current SMLE No1 MkIII specification - hence the original Long Lee butt plate with its long tang marked up with regimental details and rack numbers.

    There were four "Cond" conversion models, and all represented conversion of older Long Lee Enfield or Lee Metford rifles and carbines. There are separate sub-species of Naval pattern conversions, and those carried out in the rifle factory in India (marked "IP").

    All of the conversion models are scarce these days, and are very attractive to collectors. In UK, a standard No1 MkIII surviving with its volley sights is worth about £600. A "Cond" version - particulary as well marked as the one illustrated - is probably at least another hundred or so on top.

    Don't know what the bore condition is like (probably smoothbore and/or rusted!), but I for one would grab that rifle with both hands if I had the opportunity (p.s. do they allow overseas bids....!?)
  4. Nice one No4(T)!

    Even bog standard L/Es have been going quite high over here recently (especially on unfortunately), so it may end up at UK levels.

    I think they do accept overseas bids, as they have premises in Germany and Sweden and we can bid on items from there too.

    I'll bow out if you're going to bid as it sounds like it's worth more than I can afford at present.

  5. A bit more:

    "Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield Rifle MkIV Cond.

    Similiar to earlier converted rifles, this was also a modification of mark II and II* Lee-Metford and mark I and I* Lee Enfield rifles, in this instance they were upgraded to the Mark III SMLE pattern. Approved on 17th June 1907, the reciever was modified in that a charger bridge and safety catch were fitted, the bolt had the dustcover lugs removed and in the case of the mark II* Lee-Metford and marks I and I* Lee-Enfield, the rear section of the bolt for safety catch removed as well. The fore-end was converted from Long Rifle Pattern and the barrel, sights, sight protector and nose cap of the mark III SMLE were fitted".

    Source "The Lee Enfield Story" Ian Skennerton

    I wouldn't have bothered if I knew 4T was at home!
  6. Cheers Henry, great info!

    I'll have to get that book myself at some point.

  7. I ended up letting it go, as I'm saving my cash for a pistol. It went for about 250 quid........

    I'm still kicking myself.