Another Leaked MoD document

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. On Newsnight tonight

    Newsnight obtained a leaked analysis from a Senior offical in MODs Defence Academy, an influential think tank which points to serious failures on the war on terror

    He apparently said
    - War in Iraq and AFG not going well
    - Very Senior Officers wanted to withdraw from Iraq to “do" Afghanistan, but the Government wouldn't let them.
    - UK forces losing on two fronts
    - Pakistans ISI colluding with Taleban in that country


    The boys are losing the war in AFG????, things are so bad in Iraq????
  2. 1 and 3 all of us know, 2 was perhaps limited to a few 'Grown ups'; 4......what else needs to be said? Mushareff is not and never will be strong enough to deal with the tribal and religeous loyalties in his country; he'll dance to their tune in order to keep power.
  3. Hopefully next bunch of mobsters in Downing will remedy this?
  4. LWM

    1) It certainlty isn't up north - didn't a squaddy in Basrah make a vid which said that things weren't as bad as the press made out there????

    2) I agree with You.

    3) Not according to Brig. Butler, who said "I think we have won, we may not be quite there yet this year," , "We know the morale of the ordinary foot soldiers in the Taleban has been affected and that's been demonstrated by mid-level commanders having to get into the frontline to try to reassure them and bolster them up." From the Beeb.

    4) I don't know enough about the ISI to comment, although Musharaf??? has ceased operations in the area bordering AFG and has withdrawn his troops
  5. He is on TV right now trying to explain why he did it (the Daiy Show with Jon Stewart.)

    My impression is he has very limited control of this area and he had to compromise otherwise the situation would spiral out of control.He seems rather astute at tribal politics.
  6. Sky and myself aren't talking right now and since this is my only way of getting freeview - which doesn't show all the freeview channels, including More4, I can't see it.
  7. Musharaf on the daily show?
  8. He seems pretty smart actually.He says after he was given the "with us or against us"ultimatum by the Whitehouse,he did consider assuming a defensive posture against the US should they consider a forceful incursion thru Pakistan on their way to A Stan.

    It seems to me he has a very tenuous hold on his country.If this guy goes (assassinated) a new battle front will definetly be opened.I hope the people in Washington dont even think about relaxing their support for him.

    He did say something very curious though.He almost suggested that it would have been very dumb for the US to try and go on the offensive against a nucleur armed country.Sounded like a threat to me.
  9. Try (registration required?) You might catch a snippet or two.The interview will probably be on youtube soon.
  10. Yet another complete about turn by the MOD. Heard on the Radio that the MOD has commissioned a report on the Pakistan security service support of AQ.
    Report has come back and funnily enough because it doesn't fit with the current political view on our allies MOD have issued a statement refuting the findings and saying how great a spiffing job they are all doing.

    Oh to live in an age when a supposedly non political arm of the government would just tell the truth..............
  11. On Afghanistan, the paper said the UK went in "with its eyes closed", and revealed that a secret deal to extricate UK troops from Iraq so they could focus on Afghanistan failed when British military leaders were overruled.

    The paper also said that the Iraq war had "acted as a recruiting sergeant for extremists across the Muslim world".

    Interestingly, I have heard that Blair made a deal with UK military not to fight on 2 fronts. Then reneged. This snippet alludes to a certain amount of truth in that idea.
  12. Looks like it was a paper written either by ACSC, ICSC(L) or a member of the Academic Staff at the Defence Academy if the MoD rebuttal is to be believed. It was an academic study and not an MoD commissioned paper.
  13. Come on guys!

    This is classic diplomatic gameplay.

    The government compile a report condemming the Pakistani govt and it's intelligence agencys (reflecting the real world), but as soon as the report is leaked, deny that the government feel that way, all in the hope of maintaining the diplomatic facade...

    plus ca change!