Another laptop goes missing.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by box-of-frogs, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. FFS. :x

    After all the hassles we've gone through with laptops, missing classified etc, some f-ing bleep goes and loses another laptop with details about THEM on.

    torygraph linky

    The next thing we know, i won't be able to use my computer at work incase i actually do some work and have to email it to someone (unlikely i know). FFS, security isn't a dirty word!!!!!!!
  2. Having recently done the ITSO course, I know for a fact that the MOD are looking for the first military person to fcuk up so they can make an example of them. I really wouldn't want to be the person who lost this laptop nor their ITSO. Full disk encryption was supposed to have been implemented a fair bit of time ago.
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  4. Bollox to some fecker at Whitehall. I'd be more worried about some hairy-arrsed SAS Trooper knocking on me door, that's if he bothered to knock...! :D
  5. FFS why don't these guys use thin clients? Works as a laptop on the network, off the network completely useless. Stores no data and has no bootable OS, can't even play pong on the goddamn thing.
  6. Because they require a permanant infrastructure which may not be present when you want actually want to use the thing, a lot of these missing laptops will end up forgotten in a store somewhere anyway.
  7. It could be worse, he could knock twice!
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Way to go the MOD! What about screwing, publicly, the variety of civil servants that allegedly have dropped bollocks in the near past? That going to happen too or is public flagellation being saved for uniformed types only ?
  9. I thought about calling a newspaper when 2 brand new laptops went missing from a certain Int place in London, not so long ago. The security on site didn't even call the police!

    If I didn't value my security clearance I'd have been straight on to The Sun.
  10. It doesn’t help when you brief officers on the fact that they can’t take unencrypted laptops off site, yet they still think that the rules apply to others (and they are far too important to bother about them) and still take them away with them for “MS” purposes.

    Then when it is pointed out to them YET AGAIN that it is against the rules they feign ignorance (especially in the presence of more senior officers), however it doesn’t matter because they have ensured a junior officer or SNCO has signed for it anyway

    Values and standards and integrity my arrse

  11. I would wait for them to leave camp and call the civil police and report a theft. Give descriptions of the car and person and categorically state theft of Official Secrets.

    Fcuk em jumped up chinless wonders!
  12. One minute their "source" (i.e. what the journo interprets, but infers what he likes) says it's sensitive data with names of SAS on it, then the article completely contradicts itself by repating that it was a missing unclassified hard drive. Complete paranoid bullsh*t and lazy, lazy journalism. Anything with personal details would be at least RESTRICTED, particularly when we know what a cockstand people get about SF. There also seems to be that media myth that everything within the SF community is TS (ok it helps to sell books), but even so anything with TS exercise information wouldn't be on an unclas laptop either.

    As usual, this article is utter shiite - good old Daily Mail. Won't someone think of the children!

    BTW - just because it was at a Signals Regt, doesn't mean that a bleep lost it. From the story (SAS exercise, names etc) doesn't it sound more likely that it was an admin person i.e. clerk etc? Even if it was an (cough) "unclas" laptop used for MS, it's hardly likely to be a bleep that lost the thing - those guys just maintain the kit and issue it out surely? It's the bloke whose name's on the 1033 (if Hereford use 1033s) who would be at fault.
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  14. I thought article was in the Telegraph. Never let that stand in the way of slagging the "Daily Vile" though.

    What is the point of laptops if you are not allowed to take them off site. Get encryption sorted out - it is hardly rocket science. If some budget holder won't pay for it - hold them to account not some poor sod who is probably trying to do their job out of hours.
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