Another Labour backstaber

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Strange how suddenly a number of New Labour cnuts are changing their tune , the other day Ainsworth, today Hutton,who's next? Cyclops has got to see the light, well maybe half of it. now Jackie Smith says she was "not trained " to be Home secretary, The Rats are leaving the ship
  2. Well, the Labiar ship of state was only a leaky tub from day one, it,s a wonder it stayed afloat for so long IMO
  3. If I was feeling charitable I'd say that Hutton tried to work within the system but after 8 months he realized that the Forces were getting the rubber dick and resigned so he could give brown a kicking in the press. Mike Jackson could claim this approach as well.
    On the other hand look whats happening to Richard Dannatt. The hatchet job is already being started on Dannatt by labour because he stood up to them in public from day one.
    Sir Dicky seems to have become the focus for dissent - browns assertion that no-one is dying for want of helicopters being trashed by all and sundry was particularly gratifying.
    Smith was simply over promoted from her true ability level - getting the coffees.
  4. There's been a change of attitude within the Labour party.

    They've moved on from plotting against Brown, when they thought they could win an election if only they could prise Gordon's fingers off the levers of power. There is now an acceptance among all but the most fervent loyalist that, no matter what they do, Labour is heading for the edge of the cliff and that the brakes don't work.

    They are almost certainly facing the biggest general election defeat in the party's history and, quite possibly, the biggest defeat of any political party in modern times. There is serious talk of them coming third, leaving the Lib Dems as the official opposition.

    Have a look on some of the Labour web sites. There is real anger among the rank and file members, similar to the anger displayed by the blue rinse brigade after the Tory wipeout in 1997. They see that Brown's self indulgent, 'feelgood' policies on tax, welfare, defence and immigration are going to cost Labour perhaps 20 years in opposition while Gordon retires to write books about how he saved the world.

    Rather worryingly, there are calls for a 'scorched earth policy' in the time Labour has left. Some have suggested selling off the country's remaining gold reserves and giving the money away as foreign aid. One uber leftie, I think it was Tony Benn, has suggested a true, open door immigration policy. Anybody who wants in gets in and gets a UK passport at Heathrow with no questions asked. Dave can then figure out how to deport millions of British citizens.

    An even smaller contingent are calling for the election to be delayed until the economy improves. The old state of emergency wheeze has been discussed at length. But did you know that, when the Queen dissolves Parliament, the PM doesn't have to call an election for 3 years? Neither did I. More than a little worrying that Gordon appears to have people looking in to stuff like this.
  5. Great - In that case she will accept her punishment.

    If I was asked to jump in a space ship and fly it to the moon I'd say "As much as I'd love to Space Shuttle is not on my FMT." Lets face it. If I crashed into Hubble on the way then it would be on my own head.
  6. Who has been saying what about Dannatt? Apart, of course, from some supposedly anonymous bloke who said he would. Who might be the figment of a journos fevered imagination.
  7. Wet:

    "Who has been saying what about Dannatt? Apart, of course, from some supposedly anonymous bloke who said he would. Who might be the figment of a journos fevered imagination. "

    There are indications that the briefing against Gen. Dannatt was from within the Defence Ministerial team, Ainsworth sent a letter to all of them to tell them to back off. A claim not denied by anyone within that team.
  8. that has to be a classic! NSFW her ugly grid is above the bio... 8O

    must have scraped a 2:2 at Hertford College or was it just a NVQ she was awarded. Stupid fcuking cow.
  9. Double post.
  10. A stunning lack of judgement to appoint the odius Smith to one of the Great Offices of State. She'll surely go down as the worst Home Sec this country's ever had.

    It's the kind of appointment only an idiot would make, which figures.

    Edited to add - christ, I just clicked that link! What an ugly cnut she is 8O
  11. I have an idea.We should all vote Labour in the next GE.
    I would love to see Cyclops getting out of the sh1tpile he is leaving for Dave (or whoever)
    Just to see him squirming as he tries to undo the booby traps he has left lying around would be very entertaining.