Another Kosovo thread...

Firstly, given the increasing probability of paramilitary groups of different stripes wandering around the S. Balkans..

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...are we likely to see a Kosovo-focussed rerun of the Macedonian problem of the 1880s-1900s?

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That is, will Serbia (as did Greece in the above era) arm and sponsor 'paramilitary' groups, officered by regulars but with plausible deniability for Belgrade, perhaps to effect partition from Mitrovica upwards?

Secondly, are the Albanian insurgent groups as much of a threat to Western peacekeepers as some analysts are claiming
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? Surely it would be counterproductive (both politically and financially) for them to turn their weapons on NATO/EU forces?
When the Serbs left Kosovo and Nato moved in it was 2 days before the Albanians threw grenades at Brit troops
Shoe factory in Macedonia (used as a NATO base) was targeted by a truck bomb prior to NATO even entering kosovo.
They used public opinion to get the Serbs removed then wanted NATO out straight away despite the fact that kosovo was still a province of Serbia there was just an agreement to end the fighting and withdraw as long as NATO brought peace and disarmed etc the Albanians
The Serbs will never give up their claim to Kosovo.

There will be violence and instability in the Balkans, at least for the foreseeable future. This may take several forms, from all out war, to low-scale terrorist attacks and intimidation. All sides are capable of committing atrocities, and I believe the old familiar patterns will remain.

The Albanians pose more of a threat than the Serbs, in my opinion.

The presence of Sunni extremists in Bosnia and Kosovo is well known and documented, but I have read interesting reports about growing Iranian(Shia) influence. Along similar lines to their efforts in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Egypt.
We did the run with the bus from Gate 3 with the Niz (sic) express a couple of months before it got taken out and the lads spoke to some Serbs at the gate, they asked us what we thought of the skip lickers (albanians), after hearing the reply they stated that hey had had them for years and now we are elcome to them!!
Serbs are unlikely to give up Kosovo without a fight, the Skippies aren't likely to back down. NATO/EU are likely to be piggy-in-the-middle for some time to come.

And yes, I'm another one who thinks we bombed the wrong side.
mmmmm the smell of a skiplickers bedroom at 0300 on yet another search, one smell I won't forget in a hurray.

One of the lads: What is this pistol doing in your trouser band then?

Skiplicker: It's not mine!

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