Another knee thread!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. Hello ladies and gents :D

    Just a quick question about my CV training. I do quite a lot of running, and am amazed at the amount of time you can shave off your mile and a half in a decently short period of time. I also swim and cycle, but at the end of the day I'll have to run, so I do a fair bit.

    However, the day after a run I do have a slight ache in my knees. Nothing major or painful, but it's there. It isn't exagerated by walking/running or stairs, and fades in a day or two. My knees are otherwise fine, with no pain, creaks or clicks evident.

    Would one of you mind putting my mind to rest and tell me it's normal? Or otherwise tell me what's going on!

    Many thanks,

  2. Could be a couple of reasons.

    How old are you?
    Do you have any History of knee injuries etc... ?
    What training shoes do you wear? & How long have you had them?
  3. Whereabouts on the knee does it hurt? Under or to the side of the kneecap? Or the muscles surrounding (directly above at the base of the thigh or directly under at the top of the shin)? If it's the latter and the pain subsides after a day then I wouldn't be too worried. Bear in mind i'm not a phys or a doctor, but knock out a fair few miles a week, both with and without weight. Whenever i've had trouble with me knees it's been under the kneecap and hurts like furk coming down stairs or downhill.

    Realistically tho mate you should see someone in the know about any discomfort after excercise.
  4. I'm 20 years old, with no history of knee injuries whatsoever prior to this. I have a pretty expensive pair of running shoes, about £70, with sorbothane inserts. These were reccomended to me by a running shop, and have excellent support and cushioning. I've had them for about 20 miles or so/a month.

    However, I am a pretty heavy bloke at 15 stone 10, 6 foot tall. I was putting down the slight ache to getting a bit of a pounding when running. I run on grass to minimalise this effect. I am doing my utmost to lose this weight, as I know it's doing me no good. My body fat percentage at the moment is something like 15%:(

    @Morty: Yes, it would be the latter. The ache seems to come from either above or below the kneecap, but never directly under it.
  5. do you do any resistance training at all? sometimes aches & pains can be to do with muscle imbalances which can occur especially if you dont compliment your CV training with resistance training. When you run although your Quads work to an extent a lot of the muscle work is dont by the Hamstrings. It may be worth looking at doing some resistance work on your Quads & doing some extensive work on stretching your Hamstrings & Glutes.
  6. It sounds just like my injury at the moment, which is patellar tendinitis. Dont quote me mind. My knee always hurt after exercise, and because i never saw a doc it now hurts 24/7. Would go to the docs matey and get yourself some physio sorted out.
  7. Been to the doctor, who came across like I was wasting hs time! :x

    Anyway, he's had a look at it and apparently it's simple overuse and doing too much too soon. Which I agree with I suppose. It's a shame that I have to slow down, because I was making excellent progress and was enjoying it.

    Just to ask guys, I'm a very strong swimmer. If I were to swim and cycle a lot, getting as much CV out of it as I would when running, could I expect a decent improvement in my times? Or at least not to lose the fitness that I've gained?

    Thanks a lot,

  8. I also got the impression that my GP would much sooner be unnecesserilly touching up female patients to find out why they've got sore throats, than find out if my painful knee was going to hamper my chances of joining the British Army. And he told me it was most probably down to over use and too much downhill running, which obviously exerts more pressure on the joint. I took a couple of weeks off running and subbed it for swimming (breast stroke aggrevated the knee again because of the peculier kicking action) which according to various books, websites and threads is a good CV sub, as is cycling. Something else I found out was to work out the thigh muscles at the front of the thigh, just above the knee (name escapes me) by doing excercises such as weighted leg raises at the gym. Do a Google search for knee pain or runners knee and you'll soon find something which is useful to ya's. Also, when I started running again, I left the daysack at home for a couple o weeks and bought one of those knee support things. Looked a bit daft but the benefit was apparent. I wore that for about a month. That was about three month back and i've had no reaccurence. Oh, and being the paranoid type I am, started taking Cod Liver oil capsules and another one called Glucosamite, or something similar, which I got from Morrissons. Don't know if they're doing any good, but they can't be doing much bad. Good luck fella.
  9. I'm on Glucosamine and Cod liver oil as well:) I swear, half the site is taking that stuff. Although the research I've done on the stuff hasn't confirmed it works, the NHS and loads of people on here reckon it works. If it's good enough for them, then it's definetely good enough for me!

    I don't think I need to build up my quads and hamstrings that much, they're pretty big already. They'd have to be pretty strong to drag my fat arse around:)
    I'll start the exercises anyway, it can't hurt eh?

  10. yeh i take glucosamine too...!

    The resistnce training im talking about isnt so much 'building' but balancing out the quads & hamstrings. very light weights at high reps.

    work on flexibilty you might find it helps.... dont bother stretching before a work out it doesnt do anything. If anything do a litttle half way through & at the end stretching each muscle group for at least 2 mins (after 1 min & the tension dissapates stretch a little more).
  11. glucosamine rawks, i take it with ibrobrufen.
  12. Had it checked out by a nurse, who had a proper look at it. Turns out that the GP was correct, and everything is pretty much A-OK, which I'm grateful for!

    I did feel like I was wasting people's time, but sod it. They're my knees, if they go my career is sunk.

    Cheers lads!

  13. Just to ask this question again as nobody's replied.
  14. Yes, mate (just to answer your question). Both are very good exercises and if you do them regularly, they'll certainly maintain your CV and general fitness.

  15. Just try and avoid breast stroke because when my knee was bad, I subbed swimming for running minute for minute, and the odd kicking action of breast stroke ragged my knee again. Bugger rerally because I find breast stroke to be the most knackering therefore best for ya's.