Another kit shortage story...


The BMA have heard that DMS personnel deployed to the Gulf were short of kit. The military doctors were represented by a spokeswoman as they did not wish to be identified.

The Ministry of Defence acknowledged there had been problems.

"We have admitted there were shortages," a spokeswoman told BBC News Online. "This was due to problems with the logistical infrastructure."

SO that's what it was. Nothing at all to do with government level failure to adequately fund procurement so that kit could be stockpiled, then.

"If there are any new shortages that we have not been made aware of, then people should come forward."

Right you are - and doubtless anyone doing so will be blamed (sorry 'must accept responsibility'), thus providing a a useful smokescreen for the government's negligence.
it wasn't just surgical equipment either, there was a vast shortage of equipment in all areas of medical care.

The kit did come eventually but by then if the shiit had happened then it would have been too late :twisted:

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