Another job oppertunity , more advice please

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by wheelchairwarrier, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. A while back you all kindly offered me advice upon my ambition to return to work.
    Up to now I have had a couple of temp assignments , saved up for my ( hopeful ) trip to FI, exposed a walt and got a better life thanks to you lot.
    I have been offered an interview for a post divided between home and London. The interview requirements are rather exacting, I can I think comply with most of them except for one thing, and that is that I would be required to wear my prosthetic limbs.
    They serve no real use apart from a cosmetic view, I cant walk using the “legs” and the “arms” in fact restricts my use of the typepad and wheelchair controls.
    Your views please should I play along , look good but not perform or argue the toss.
    Over to you , mild pi$$taking permitted.

    BTW Mrs WW still is of the opinion I should not be going out and working in my condition anyway , so anything to annoy her.

  2. If your prosthetic limbs serve no actual function then there is no reason for them to ask you to wear them.

    Unless they would find it made them feel more comfortable, in which case, why the hell would you want to work for them anyway?

    Explain to them that they are only of cosmetic value and see what they say.
  3. WHY would you have to wear them? If it's purely aesthetic, i say sod 'em,especially if you can argue that they'd have a detrimental effect on your ability to function! I'd argue til you go blue...if only to be a pain in the ass!
  4. I'd agree with Moody and bigbird, if they serve no true purpose and are only there for the 'look' and you find them to be a hinderance then it seems a little daft to use them.

    Can the company justify their reasons for requesting this? If its because it makes them more comfortable then I don't see that as good enough.
  5. Most places will have you on a probation period, and can actually sack you in your first year for pretty much anything.

    He is best to hammered all this out at point of interview and start things on an even keel.

    If the only reason they want him to wear them is to make themselves feel better, then fcuk em. Who wants to work for tw@ts like that anyway?
  6. Play the game with them to get the post, then ditch the limbs(no pun intended) after the fact, I'm sure they would not fancy a law suit if they tried to force the issue. If they bring it up on interview, then tell them the truth, they are cosmetic and actually hinder you when worn.
  7. Agree to wearing them, and then turn up on your first day wearing these, carrying a copy of the Koran...


    I'm sure they'll change their tune soon enough!

    Seriously though, if they want you to wear them to make them feel better, then I would find somewhere else to work.
  8. They wouldn't face a law suit! It's a piece of pi ss for any company to organise a sacking, and not for the real reason the want rid.

    Get it sorted at interview point, you'll do yourself no favours if you do otherwise.
  9. Why conform just so they feel more comfortable, especially if it hinders you in anyway shape or form. I'm of the school of thought that an employer should be a partner to help you get the best out of yourself and I personally wouldn't work anywhere without this environment but that's just me you may be different.

    So if it makes your life more difficult tell them, it's better to know from the start.

    Oh a good luck with it mate!!
  11. WW, pretty much agree with Moddy's comments but also you've got to consider if you're to work there in the future, ensure you're comfortable with them also. The interview is a two way street, it's your opportunity to see who they are.

    With regards to the limbs, the old rule applies - if it serves you no purpose, don't carry it.
  12. Crack on you tiresome little man, you aren't the only one with management experience (thats experience, not theoretical courses).

    I'm not stating opinion, I'm stating the facts and if he hasn't already I would advise him to talk to acas, link below;

    As a new employee he won't necessarily have the relationship with management to resolve issues, and he risks being viewed as underhand in his actions. NOT a good start to a new job.
  13. Hi WW.

    Just to clarify, are they asking you to wear them just for the interview or for the job should you get it?

    Thinking it through, they might, reasonably, be assuming that you are more capable with the limbs fitted and want to be able to assess you as such. A bit like being told to take your reading glasses to an eye test.

    I'd say wear them and explain at the interview that they're more of a hindrance than a help. You might be able to demonstrate this quite readily.

    Best of luck!
  14. Moody's right on this one it's so easy for a company to foxtrot oscar you off in the first few months if they want to.

    If you go wearing the limbs and then turn round at a later date and say you're not wearing them they could easily say you mislead them at the interview, almost like lying on your CV.
  15. Yes but they need to have that conversation at point of interview.

    The company have already requested that he wears them, prior to point of contract signing. Thus meaning that should a job offer be made, it could well be written into the contract.

    If he signs and starts the job, then has the conversation about them, he will be in breech of contract and very easy to sack.

    Not having a row with you Mr_Deputy, but you are talking out of your jacksie on this one. You have openly encouraged someone to lie to get their foot in the door. No manager would ever suggest that.