Another JFK conspiracy

Apparently the Italians have disputed the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't have been working alone as it would be impossible to get 3 aimed shots off in 7 seconds.

Said Italians took 19 seconds - for 3 shots??? Did they stop for lunch or a fag break?

(Sorry, obligatory dig at our Italian chums there. I think there's a law)

Anyone actually fired a Mannlicher-Carcano (sp?). Surely even loading one round at a time you could beat 19 seconds?
i think this is a load of c0ck to be honest. for a start it was more like 8 or 9 seconds, only 2 of the 3 shots hit anything worthwhile.
they must have been using some real mongs to do the trigger pulling on this experiment..
if us brits can be trained to do a "mad minute" with over 30 aimed shots INCLUDING reloading twice into a small target 200 yards away, (thats an average of one every 2 seconds if thats too hard to work out) then 3 shots at an albeit moving target 80ish yards away in 8 seconds doesnt seem very challenging, IIRC the first shot missed, then the one that went through JFK's throat and into Govenor Connely ( the so called "magic bullet" that wasnt) was fired 3 seconds later, then there was a 5 second pause before Ozwald lined up his money shot... whats so unbelievable about that?
Yeah, well some years ago an Italian ‘expert’ claimed man was not descended from apes but from bears? Probably watched too much Yogi as a kid.


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