Another Internet Compromise

Yet another internet compromise

Well I see yet another one of the Eye Corps has been named on the Internet.  Of course you're such a secretive bunch this would not be the place to discuss it.

Or perhaps you don't have access to the net at all
( could be why this part of Arrse is in suspended animation.)

I'm sure the Security Staffs and MoD solicitors have it all in hand.  But don't worry if it feels like you have been hung out to dry, the RAF will have taken HUMINT over in 5 years time.

Our legal branch would be able to stop this wanton, malicious and  dangerous exposure.
Deafening response

Well Eagle old chum, I would never have taken you for one of the Eye Corps.

I thought you were a product of the Army School of Photography?  That 'll be the one at that well known barracks, Beaton Lines, Cosford??  

BTW, my chums in UK MAMS tell me that you spend more time in 5 * accn than most aircrew?? ;)

so what happened to the thread??
What is that guy on about.

There is no such thing as secure int. You have every squaddy telling all of the ex squaddies what is going on and it was happening a long time before this board.

Why, only last week I bought my family an underwater domain after being tipped off about a plot by al turban to launch a sustained spaghetti hoop attack.
If you have been directly involved in intelligence support to attrition operations then this effects you as well.  If this is you and you dont know what the crab is talking about, then PM me.

The Crab has a point somewhere.  Another of my peer group has been named on the internet and it seems that nothing can be done to protect them.

Makes you wonder why you bust your arse for all those years.  Who's going to be next????
Darn right. I have an ex colleague who was in the Det and he was named on the net. Needless to say, he had to move rather rapidly which messed up his family in order to avoid interest from the boyos. Careless talk costs lives as much now as ever did. :mad: :mad: :mad:
Oh dear.  This looks like it could get very messy.
It certainly will ! It could pull in quite a wide number of people as well and of course... how high does accountability go !

I remember that time period in NI well, and it was a very tough time for everyone. Killings on all sides were occurring daily.

This topic will continue to run and run for sometime I fear.


Some are more equal than others under the law, it seems; the bad guys of the last thirty years are now protected by the Belfast agreement (and appointed to high office, too) while the goodies (who who spent their time saving people from being killed by the aforementioned Ministers) are to be prosecuted and could possibly lose everything.  That's part of New Labour's third way, presumably.
Oh dear, I would shudder to think of the amount of forensically compliant evidence that the Defence may be able to draw on here.

The journalists who serve some of the chattering classes, and certain investigating oficers seem to be placing more weight on one individuals conjecture, than case files many years old.

Not everything gets shredded and it would be unfortunate if there were documentary evidence to show incometence by some in law enforcement and complicity by some elected representitives!!!

Ever wondered why the Nelson case collapsed????

The truth is out there - it just may not match your provincial CID officer's preconceptions
I notice that Finucane is now being refered to by the Times as the "civil rights" lawyer, amazing considering he only handled Republican cases, the media trying to rewrite history again.


And when they have finished with FRU????  There was lots going on in the 80s and 90s in NI and elsewhere that with the benefit of 20 years hindsight looks a bit dodgy.  Time to don the asbestos pants!
I think the Int Corps gets enough bad press what with it being rife with kiddie fiddlers, paedafile internet clubs (if youve got something to hide maybe its not such a good idea to lend your laptop out) with out being linked to all the stuff happening in NI., although that said, they dont help themselves by writing big timing books and putting photos of their Det members lounging around on cars tooled up in its centre spread.
why do people think Det = Int Corps? :evil:
So Theatre_Man knows all about the laptop lending scandal! Why does the Corps get such a bad press? Because what they dont know, the majority will make up! RumeInt should be kept to yourself, unless you were there.
Im obviously a 'fisher of men', and i love to get a bite, thanks boney.
'Read all about it' cry the news paper venders, thats how the majority of people know about it :twisted:
most newspaper articles come straight from either the mouths of ex corps members or pages of their bigtiming books. unless of course its because of the kiddie porn on lap tops etc...
One of the brit peelers came round on one of their monthly welfare visits today.

Looks like the " Stevens League" ( they too big to be a team now) are still looking for one of the Ex handlers. I told them he's a FINCO now, in Paktika province.

Keep looking boys!!

He's actually been posted to a much better place. Sorry I didn't get chance to share a dram with a top bloke.
CQMS starts: ... Oh flower of scotland....

Much respect !
watchsecurity said:
Why, only last week I bought my family an underwater domain after being tipped off about a plot by al turban to launch a sustained spaghetti hoop attack.
Oh no!!! Should I lock the kitchen cupboards in case they try and obtain my SWD (Bob the Builder/Barbie type) to use against innocent civilians?

Protect us from Spaghetti of Mass Destruction!

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