Another incident in Londonderry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gizmo17, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. The Wife and I spent a week in NI in March and everywhere we went was very clearly "Troubles" free IMO - Less Londonderry where you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, lots of tension and I remember thinking however much impact the GFA has had across the majority of NI very little has changed on either side of the walls in Londonderry - again only IMO.
  2. Oh fer fux sakes who gives a shiite. If this is dissident IRA doing this lets have another big event like Omagh but make sure its on a taig estate in derry. That might sort out the evil festering support for the sinn fein supported murderers are us campaign.
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Well, that made sense.
  4. as someone who was at some of the wakes and funerals of those killed in Omagh i never thought i would ever read something like this statement-it is something which a dissident would write-the familys still fight for the truth-they will get the truth- two of the main suspects were outed as brit touts- Sinn Fein were voted the main party in Omagh this year- THE PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH-
  5. Why are you incapable of writing sensible English?
  6. I take it you never saw the recent documentary about the Shankill marchers on the TV? If that is "troubles free", then God help us!!
    That programme confirmed to me that not much has changed at all and as ever, youngsters continue to be indoctrinated into the mindset of their respective colour. Granted, the programme was about the Loyalist side of the divide, but I expect it is mirrored on the Republican side.
    Sadly, some people will never let go.

  7. Would you stop spouting shite you a biggoted cnut, .......and Michael Henry you can jolly well **** off as well.
  8. If someone decides to follow their culture, why is that wrong? I never seen nothing bad on the programme in question, if anything it showed a community that hasd moved on. You had an ex-UFF volunteer who openly admitted that he wished for the country not to go back to the dark days, hows that indoctrinating our young?
  9. I accept that you are proud of your heritage and I don't have an issue with that (we should all be proud of our backgrounds), however, a "culture" that marches to celebrate a murdering terrorist (of whatever colour) doesn't suggest to me that it has "moved on".
    Seeing all those murals and the wall still in place is actually surreal and very depressing, considering we have supposed to have achieved "normalisation" in the province.
  10. Mind you an own goal in the middle of XMG would be a cause for celebration. Or better still Andytown.
  11. I sawe it, that poor fat wee shite who has a father who only remembers "the cause" and now cannot let go because he fears the abysss of self pity.
  12. Despite what British and Proud says, that was pretty much my take on the programme as well, although the "Da" did make a couple of comments to camera - I suspect he would be back on the streets like a shot if he could get away with it.
    Back on thread. How come if this is a very small "minority" kicking off in the province, they are not being dobbed in by all those who wish to retain the peace? It's not like NI is like the badlands of Pakistan or Afghanistan is it? Not many caves or hidden valleys there I suspect.

  13. How about the Shankill.......******.
  14. Would your opinion change if the situation was mirrored on the nationalist side, would you think that ex IRA prisoner was indoctrinating the younger generation?