Another I Passed Selection Thread

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SoldierBeesley, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. So, as the topic says, I passed selection at ADSC Glencourse, Im well happy :D... should get my dates in a couple of weeks for basic, hopefully i'll be going to Harrogate if there are any places still available, if not looks like Lichfield...

    Woop go me!
  2. Well done Bees,

    Good luck!

  3. Cheers bud
  4. Nice going, how did you fare at the tests then?

    Good luck at harrogate if you get it.
  5. Well done! Hope I will be posting the same in a few months!

  6. Well done Soldier Beesley!
  7. Congratumilations 8)

    How did it feel, and on a scale of 1 to 10, how much were you cacking your pants in the medical? (Particularly when the hand was edging towards your testicles) :lol:
  8. Well I did great in everything if im honest, although I was dissapointed with my run time which was 10:30, im normally hitting 9:30. Plus i got told by my interviewing officer that I could have put more input into the team tasks, I managed 10 heaves and I just scraped through my TST test haha, i needed 19 and managed to get 22 or 23 cant remember now.

    I keep getting dreams at night though, what if I did this, what if I did that :|
  9. 10:30's more then good enough, jounior entry has a maximum of 14:00!
  10. Well done and good luck.
  11. Well done. Good Luck. I have my Recruit Selection on the 16th starting to brick it lol.
  12. Good luck my friend, again seeing someone actually getting through gives the rest of us who are wanting to get in more of a wakeup call to get our flabby ass£s off the sofa and to get running etc.
  13. Thanks guys, its not as hard as you think it is after youve finally done it lol..

    Advice I would give to people though is if they are taking the TST test to brush up on there maths using old GCSE books etc because I didnt and I wasnt 100% sure I was going to get the number i needed to get into my trade, luckly I just scraped through, but some of us are not that lucky.

    Another thing, when you do they jerry can walk. To make things alot easier try and keep the jerry cans still so the water isnt splashing around, they jerry cans feel alot heavier when the water is concentrated in one place.

    Anyone want any more advice on anything else, just PM me and good luck to everyone whos selection dates are soon!

  14. haha no mate no places at Harrogate I don't think for any JE till next year...doesn't matter to me anyway I'm AE from Dec and I missed Sep so I'm hopefully gonna do selection again and pass that damned medical really do you have a secrete to passing that medical at glencorse they sent 1/4 of the people back last time mostly "possible" heart murmurs lol...
  15. You'd think so but actually you don't...9:18 for para JE or not and under 12 for inf JE or not....the times go up to 14 for some technical jobs but why go in thinking you have extra? why not work at it and if you do get extra it's there for you...I was told a definite no by color sergeant working in a recruiting office so.... but who knows...

    Don't...if you injur yourself right before that's not so good is it, and you shouldn't work the day before if you ask me...let yourself heal up for when it counts(i.e. selection the next day).