ANOTHER hero Gurkha banned from Britain - WE START PHASE 2

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by In-Limbo, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Phase 1:

    British officials in Nepal told the wizened old warrior who put his life on the line for King and country: "You have failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK.

    Mon tae fcuk!! :x

    What does the Old Boy actually have to do to get his Cupa and a Biccy from the sisters?

    Result - ARRSERS plant a size 10 boot up the FCO's jaxxy ;) Mr Pun VC comming to town


    Phase 2:

    Good cut over at page 135, see Kierans post.

  2. FFS I am ashamed of this country truly ashamed
  3. Words fail me!!
  4. Surely a bedspace can be found for him,Could he not become a Chelsea Pensioner?
  5. I rather suspect that the patron of the VC and GC Association will be having words about this when she gets to hear of it.

    I believe HMQ does a very good 'we are not amused' and wouldn't like to be the civil servant who'll be on the receiving end...
  6. I'm actually lost for words....
  7. Shagging Disgraceful, our pitiful Government and Country gets worse by the day! lets hope there are some Journies reading this thread who will splash the thoughts of those serving and who have served in Her Majesty's Forces and actually have a lot more respect for Johhny Gurkha than for practically every civvy in our once Great Country!

    This is lower than low, *********!
  8. Now then Journo's

    You read everything else. Quote this, and make a stink about it.
  9. I'm sitting here fuming after reading that, immigrants can flock in from all over Europe and further afield, but a man who's won the Empire's greatest gallantry award is refused entry....

    Disgusting, what can our illustrious Government think of next...
  10. Having seen the quality of FCO officials in a few embassies around the world, this is not surprising.
  11. Just what is this country coming to?

    Name and shame the scrote(s) who made this shocking, shameful, disloyal and above all truly outrageous decision.

    Then nail him or her by the eyelids to this mans dustbin.

    They are not worthy of licking this mans toilet clean.
  12. This is beyond belief,

    surely the 'govt officials' are aware that he was prepared to lay down his life for King and Country!

    What more does a person have to do to prove his loyalty - the simple fact that he served the Crown for many years should be enough, or so you'd think. This decorated warrior should have the red carpet treatment when applying for entry to the Uk, not have the door slammed in his face.

    F**kin civil servant jobsworths
  13. That is disgraceful, wrong and hopefully someone out there just has a sh*t sense of humour.

    Get the old chap over here - I have no problem with my taxes paying his health care and anything else he can scrounge off the state (enough white trash do it, this chap's earnt it)

    It's about time ALL Gurhkas, serving and ex get the proper recognition from our Government and appropriate treatment.
  14. I've also met several serving soldiers, 2 South Africans and a Canadian (I've met lost of others but I'm not sure if they were applying for passports) who could not get a British Passport. All three have been to either Iraq, Afghanistan or both.

    But someone who actually wants to come and fight against us and those with absolutely nothing else to offer can simply waltze in, grab the handouts and do as he pleases. Even when we find out they are terrorists we still can't f""k them off! Human Rights Act, not to mention the inept, middle-class, ex-student union-marxist hypocrites that run our country.

    Despair!! It makes me want to cry, it really does....
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