Another Help Them Out Auction

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On offer to the highest bidder:

One clay pigeon bashing session. I will supply gun, cartridges, clays etc, pay the range fees and even throw in a bacon butty and brew.

Cartridges/clays unlimited - you can shoot until the barrels melt or your shoulder goes purple.

Due to work commitments it’d have to be a Sunday on short notice, although with a bit of notice I could make it a weekday or Saturday. If you want to delay until it’s warmer and there’s less low sun obscuring clays then I’ll say any date in the next 6 months is a goer.

Suggested location: Worsley Grange (just West of Manc) as good transport links and facilities. It could be at an alternate location if pushed, but Worsley is open pretty much every day.

Unfortunately it would be limited to one guest shooter, and they would at least have to know one end of a bangy thing from t'other. Non-shooting guests welcome.

Also Worsley has a reputation for 'challenging' clays :D .

So, any arrser in the NorthWest fancy a bang in the woods?*

*not MDN. Please God not MDN....
Heh just been looking though all these auctions and DAMN! I just booked next years holiday but from now on this is the first place Ill be looking, can get everything on here!!

Yeah this looks very interesting, Im sure as hell you cant get a day like this in the yellow pages, unlimited shots/clays and a free butty, last shooting holiday/weekend break I went on near Salisbury cost me about £180 for the day + extra for lunch and only inlcuded 10shots, any extra at £3 a shot...

Any idea on a reserve? Oh and when it ends? Christmas is a real kick in the nuts for me every year...
Successful bidder can choose a date in the next 6 months, as lack of daylight is a bit restrictive at the mo and clays difficult to see against low sun (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

Reserve? Get yer wonga out you big girls blouse and start bidding!


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Let's kick off at £50.-
You shoot like a spastic!

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