Another "Help identify" thread - WWI or thereabouts medals.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by MrNosey, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. These were my grandfather's brother`s medals. He served 1905 to 1928.

    No problem identifying the left 4 and the 1 on the far right but what about the other 3?
    I can`t find them here --> British Ribbon List

    5th from left looks like WW2 War Medal but it can't be as he left the army in 1928 or was it awarded in WW1 also?

  2. The 5th from the left looks like the war medal 1939-1945 The obverse shows the crowned coinage effigy of King George V1, thereverse should depict a lion standing on the body of a double headed dragon. The other two to it's left i am not sure?
  3. Sorry I mean to it's right as you look at them
  4. War Medal 1939-45, 1937 Coronation Medal, 1953 Coronation Medal.
  5. Thanks.

    If he left the army in 1928 how would he have received those later medals? Or has someone found them in his things after he died and mistaken them as being awarded to him?

    OK, scrub the question about the coronation medals - just looked on Wikipedia. I guess because he won the VC he was given them by his local council. But what about the 39-45 war medal? Same reasoning?
  6. 6th from the left possibly the Jubilee Medal 1935 it looks to have the head of King George V and his wife Queen Mary?
  7. Sorry stand correct fourzerocharlie is correct
  8. What did he do after he left the Army? Jubilee and Coronation medals were awarded to lots of other groups of people, Police etc?
  9. Remember the line in the Diamond Jubilee qualifying criteria - "Living holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross". And he may well have done UK service in 39-45 to qualify him for the War Medal (although you'd expect him to have got the Defence Medal as well?)

    Edited to add - if he did less than 3 years UK qualifying service (eg Home Guard), he wouldn't have got the defence medal but would have only needed 28 days in the Army (possibly being medic discharge) to get the War Medal. Doesn't matter. No1 makes up for everything.
  10. As a VC winner automatically gets Jubilee or coronation medals
  11. He was a PT instructor at a boy`s school after leaving but then I don't know what else he did.
  12. Probably recalled for Hostilities Only at the start of the War: the absence of any other WWII medals would suggest that he did'nt serve for any great period of time and was probably released due to age or infirmity. Coronation medals are, by default, awarded to surviving holders of the VC. Apply for his records under the Freedom of Information Act - should cost you about £30.
  13. I guess it`s possible he was involved in Home Guard but AFAIK nothing with regular army. He was wounded in another incident some time after receiving the VC and supposedly never went back to France.

    Anyway, medals identified. Thanks very much.
  14. Good call.
  15. Maybe a school with a junior division of the OTC (precursor to CCF)? Would instructor membership of such count as an entitlement to the War Medal?