Another Help For Heroes Outrage

An all female gang oop North have been jailed for pocketing cash they've collected from H4H's. They even registered with the charity to get merchandise and went to football matches, cinemas etc to make sure they got maximum cash out of their scheme.

Police estimate they collected about £45,000 although that is an estimate.

I personally would have not only jailed them but got them to visit QEII hospital and Headley Court to see what the money should have been going to. The gang was that convincing that even the old bill contributed....

Snakes with tits has always been my favourite for which my now deceased best m8 coined re the female species...and this lot didn't disappoint....
Hideously ugly as well, at least they all got sent to chokey rather than five minutes community service.

Though of course, wounded soldiers are like catnip to scammers - probably taking over from the previous favourite, sick kiddies.
Sadly this happens all the time - just the penalty of being a charity that is in the media all the time.

You don't hear scams like this being carried out in the name of BLESMA, St Dunstans, etc

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