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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rhino_Stopper, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. Yet another....,,2-2004251415,00.html

    A SEXY blonde Army officer who posed nude as Miss February for a forces calendar was facing the boot last night — for bedding a married sergeant.

    Curvy Captain Caite O’Connor, 24, bonked the superfit PT instructor while her lieutenant hubby aged 22 was away training at Sandhurst.

    Her furious commanding officer found out and instructed her to end the fling — but Caite is accused of defying the order.

    The scandal has rocked the Defence School of Languages in Beaconsfield, Bucks, where Caite has been dubbed the Army’s new Captain Crumpet.

    A senior officer stormed: “Defying an order puts operational effectiveness in jeopardy. This could result in Captain O’Connor being asked to resign her commission.”

    The Army has launched a probe and Caite has been given a posting in Kent — away from lover Sergeant Pete Smith. Both were based at the world-famous language school, which is attended by military students from abroad.

    Caite was in charge of teaching them basic army skills. Sgt Smith, 31, was PT instructor.

    She fell for the hunky dad of three when the two were away with students on exercises. The lovers are said to have first slept together on their return.

    An insider at the school — under the control of the Adjutant General’s Corps — said: “They sneaked into her married quarters on the campus and had sex in the marital bed.

    “Caite’s unsuspecting husband Danny knew nothing about it because he was at Sandhurst and only came home at weekends.”

    CO Lt Col Anthony Rabbitt was tipped off about the fling. The pair were hauled in front of him and admitted the affair.

    The CO ordered Caite to stop seeing Sgt Smith and began an official investigation into the breach of the Army’s strict code of social conduct which bans affairs.

    But Caite carried on seeing her lover — and Sgt Smith has now left his wife.

    The school insider said: “Caite is incredibly sexy.

    “Her popularity shot up after she posed for the calendar in the nude with just a bunch of strategically-placed roses.”

    A squaddie at the school said: “An investigation is going on because they have both brought the Army into disrepute.”
    The MoD confirmed yesterday: “Administrative action is underway against the two individuals who have failed to conform to the standards of the British Army.

    “Our soldiers are required to adhere to a code of conduct which calls upon integrity and trust at all times.” Caite and Sgt Smith refused to comment.

    One soldier’s wife said angrily: “I hope the wives at the captain’s next regiment keep their husbands on a tight leash. I reckon she may break up another marriage.”

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  2. The Sun; the Force's newspaper.
  3. She's a bit of a hoofer, whats all the fuss about
  4. She's bogging! That PTI needs his feckin eyes checking!! :D

    (Seriously folks - clearly very wrong...married....chain of command...minger....operational effectiveness...service test....etc etc )

  5. If there's an office fling in some civvy job, does it get splashed all over the papers? Are serving soldiers now classed a celebs and what they get up to in private is in the public interest? When do we get the same pay as a celeb and a lie in?

    Bet the Sun back us all the way on the next deployment tough, that sells papers!
  6. One can only presume she looks better in the flesh....

    Otherwise I agree with Slopes - unacceptable standard of behaviour.
  7. The issues that tabloids love:

    1. It involves an officer.

    2. She is female.

    3. She is married.

    4. He is in the Army.

    5. He is married.

    6. They are in the same chain of command.

    7. It involves an officer.

    8. It involves an officer.

    Any questions?

  8. I suppose the frisson of the "hat-on" position overrides the normal aesthetic considerations!
  9. Well, I have done my bit for "Jointery", and porked a (female-ish) army officer, twas in Plymouth many years ago.... :D
  10. Hes PWO anything looks good to them :twisted:
  11. I'd shag her.
  12. Anybody got a copy of the calender?
  13. Just save the picture....would.nt waste the postage and packaging meself tho
  14. Will you be changing your avatar Caite? :D