Another Head another Dollar!!!

Letterwritingman said:
Could we not buy oil elsewhere? :evil:
Not enough. Not yet, anyway. Although the Spams have been pushing exploration off the coast of South America and Africa. But that's a long way down the line. For the foreseeable future, ME oil is crucial. :cry:
Austin_Powerless said:
and you are thoroughly convinced it's just about the oil, right?
It will be if we can't get any because some motherless rag fcuk has blown up a major terminal in Saudi. If Ras Tanura was hit hard, it would cut production by 8m barrels a day. The price would rocket and cars would become very thirsty very quickly.

When the Arabs imposed a partial oil embargo in 1972 in the wake of the Yom Kippur war - one they started and predictably lost - Europe was forced into power cuts, three-day weeks and rationing. Not funny.
Good point. I may have jumped the gun, thinking this was another "The spams are there for the oil" bit. But I see what you mean with the saudi's, if they cut out, yes, it will be a huge problem.
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