another hayfever question! eyesight this time (for the TA)

Does anyone have any iexperience with hayfever with a view to having allergic reactions in the eyes? i think i know the answer to this but i mean an allergic reaction to the eyes is a no-no right?

has anyone had this hayfever induced allergic conjuctivitis and managed to beat it through various antihistamine drops ( i get the OTC stuff and to be honest it hasnt stopped it completely) i was thinking about REME TA buti think this would be my stumbling block. i wanted to help the lads/lasses but i suppose nothing less than 100% eyesight all year round will cut it in the forces.

anybody add anything please

best wishes to all the forces
You don't need perfect eyesight in the forces, there are some colour blind serving members, just depends on your chose role, that's all. I would visit your local AFCO/ACIO for definete infomation though.
Already done and dusted in Health and Fitness.

MODs please remove.
well its not done and dusted really is it bossdog coz all im getting is slaver in the other board. im posting here to see if anyone has first hand experience on joining up with hayfever that manifests itself as eye symptoms. stop stalking me im STRAIGHT!
Look mong. You had a reply. If your hayfever is that bad it gives you conjunctivitis every year and its on your medical docs then what do you think? If you are worried that you cant function as a soldier because of it then its highly likely the Medical Officer will too.

Go to the ACIO and ask there.

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