Another have a go hero story

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. Guy gets mugged by three villains.Gets shot.Takes gun from villain,shoots villain in legs!

    Bang bang

  2. Shock horror! He isnt being prosecuted for being in possession of a firearm and wounding with malicious intent, or attempted murder? Well Bu gger me sideways (no thats not an invitation).
  3. He took a shotgun shell to the stomach and fought back? Nails!
  4. Sorry Deputy,I was never good at sums.
  5. Hum! I see it is a DS praising the hero.

    Obviously the DS has not been fully politicised, otherwise he would be charging the hero with attempted murder and denying the filth Bunter's 'Uman Right to undertake robbery and murder.

    However, with a former Home Secretary admitting that he frequently ignored the law, I am no longer surprised at any outrages perpetrated in our 'broken society'.
  6. Come on lads, you know the rules by now!

    Black man shoots White man in self defence - Police praise him for bravery and everyones smiling

    White man shoots Black man in self defence - Prosecution and jail time for possession of illegal firearm and attempted murder!
  7. The gunman is pure trainer trash.
  8. Now THAT is a class phrase.

    I have been looking for a pithy one to describe the British equivalent of the mobile-home denzien since I moved here ("chav" being a bit too broad in scope) and will gladly take that one. :D
  9. Not sure what relevance legislation from Washington State has to south London...

    Do you mean S19 of the Firearms Act 1968; "A person commits an offence if without lawful authority or reasonable excuse (the proof of which lies on him) he has with him in a public place a loaded shotgun..."
  10. I can only say in my defence m'lud that it's Saturday afternoon.
  11. Didn't a former soldier get done a while bag for handing in a shotgun which had been thrown in his back garden.

    That sounds reasonable, in fact before I'd heard of this I'd have done the exact same thing, now I'd just chuck it back over the fence.
  12. This is the Intelligence Cell, to post you'll need to have more than one intelligent cell I'm afraid, best stick to the NAAFI or the BNP forum.