Another Gurkha gets dumped on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rictic, Aug 17, 2007.

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    A Gurkha soldier has been forced to accept a £100 payoff after being discharged from the British Army following 18 years of service.

    Rifleman Padan Limbu - who was badly injured after being shot during a training exercise almost five years ago - has also been made homeless after Army chiefs told him: "We need your room back."

    There was anger yesterday at the treatment of a soldier who served Britain in East Timor and Bosnia during his long career.

    Last night, a few hours after being ordered to leave Shorncliffe Barracks in Folkestone, Kent, he was staying with friends and trying to find a bedsit.

    "I can't believe it," he said. "I have given 18 years of my life to serving Britain and the British Government and I can't believe how I have been treated."

    Mr Limbu, 39, was left unable to serve on the front line after being hit in the back of his calf by a stray bullet during training in Canada in 2002.

    He claimed last night that he had repeatedly pleaded to be allowed a desk job with the Army, but his requests had been turned down.

    Last night, he said he will take the Army to an employment tribunal and claimed he had been tricked into signing release forms.

    He had been told if he failed to do so he would be sent back to Nepal and would also have to pay his own airfare, he added.

    He is being supported in his battle by the Gurkha Welfare Trust, but in the meantime he will have to find his rent, food and other living costs out of his pension of around £130 a month.

    His treatment comes only six months after an apparent victory for the Gurkhas when the Government finally agreed that those who joined up after July 1997 would receive a pension equal to their British counterparts.

    "The British government like to say that things have improved for the Gurkhas, but what has happened to me shows there is still discrimination," said Mr Limbu.

    "I was on crutches for four and a half years while I tried to recover. But I was just told that if I didn't sign my discharge papers, I would be deported. I felt I had no choice."

    Gurkhas' rights campaigner Peter Carroll - a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate - said he is backing Mr Limbu's case.

    Mr Carroll said anyone who knew of the role the Gurkhas play in the Forces would be horrified.

    The MoD insisted the Rifleman had been correctly dealt with and may be eligible for help with accommodation and disability payments.
  2. Words escape me, and i thought this CNUTry couldn't sink any lower.
    Words really do escape me.

  3. ****ing hell, I'm surprised the Nepalese still want to help us after what this country has done to some of them
  4. what is it that this Government misses? Gurkhas have been giving the Crown faithful service, since before the Indian Mutiny! Someone realy needs to have a large boot shoved where the sun does not shine for this sort of thing. AGAIN!
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just when you think things could'nt get any worse!
    Phase 3 anyone?
  6. Such a pity his injury was a bullet wound in the leg and not a bruised thumb from too much typing!

    Bravest of the brave most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you
  7. From the Daily Mail so pinches of salt all round, but even so why are we still incapable of giving these men British citizenship when they leave the Service? At a time when governmental support for British servicemen is at an all time low, this sort of case plumbs new depths of irresponsibility.

    Out of interest how much would some jobless chav waster get in benefits a month (not including his side interests in twocing)?
  8. Just as I was having a good day!

    Bat Crab - accepted. But to quote the old anti-war song

    "When will they ever learn?"

    I would like to say its unbelievable but it is believable. This (and previous) Govts have treated the Gurkhas appallingly and its time to stop it.
  9. It's because they given false information, promises of a better life ahead, and they will be looked after by a GREATFUL GOVERNMENT :( ....NOT.

    Who put these faceless morons in these jobs..Osama bin Laden? it certainly was'nt the British people surely!!!!
  10. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    My bold........exactly my thoughts. This man was serving our country, gets injured doing so, and is then left in the gutter. Which ever little government weasel faced ratfink made this decision should be kicked untill their teeth fall out, the horrible little shiiiiiite........Bad hangover, and then I see this. Barstards the lot of them

    Edited for being a biff
  11. Why does this not surprise me any more....
  12. F*ckin' A, Phase 3. I'm surprised one of them hasn't added a retort to that "Bravest of the Brave quote", along the lines of "...and never were more loyal friends more royally shafted".

    We know from recent experience Joe Public appreciates what they've done for us in the past, but give him a choice of tax cuts or mumblemumbleghurkhasmumble and we know exactly how he's going to vote.
  13. "....MoD insisted the Rifleman had been correctly dealt with....."

    By reference to what?

    A set of discredited rules and an official mindest that would disgrace a banana republic?
  14. words fail me!!!

  15. Disgusting. A small distant nation show more respect for this country than many born here, and this is how they are treated.