Another great military tradition under threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ritchie-Hook, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Let's face it. The NHS guidelines are a joke. Being a fat cunt and not exercising is much worse then drinking six small glasses of wine on a daily basis and exercising often. Another scare tactic by those who think they know best
  2. I know a PTI or two who would argue the toss on that one with a loud shout of "Ten laps around my beautiful, fake tanned, waxed body... GO!"
  3. Didn't one of the bods involved in setting out the guide lines admit that it had more to do with tying in with the drink drive campaign than actual best practice?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    "The Government says" that phrase alone should raise the wah shields, the same government that sent us into Iraq, gave away our gold reserves for pennies, couldnt work out why Banks failed and then bailed them out! That same government which sadly will be replaced by an almost identical bunch of incompetent clowns with different colour ties. Lets face it only the fee charged by their schools marks them apart!
    A failed Solictor replaced by a career student political leader to be replaced by a former political PR man. What have we done to deserve these cnuts, someone find a cure for Alzheimers (and anything else that Maggie may have) damn quick or we will be in no better state!
  5. Think you'll find that our Labour leaders are very fond of public schooling for their offspring and many are products of the system themselves.

    I think it might just be the colour of their ties that marks them apart. I'm sure that's why the SNP got votes, folks wanted to see something different around the necks of their elected leaders. :)
  6. The problem we face now is that both major parties are so terrified of losing a few votes in one particular group that they sit right on the fence and try to please everyone. Gone are the days when you got a party leader who told you were his views lay and led the country in that direction to give people an idea where their own views lay in the long run.

    We've had a lefty government for years which until recently was run by an ex tory. Now we're getting a tory next year who has failed to mention invading a poor country, destroying council estates or sending us all to prison.

    The question is: Who else can you vote for?
  7. Libertarian Party UK
  8. Ok. Here goes. I am a Conservative. I think we should be in Europe and that we should adopt the Euro. I also believe in capital punishment for murder of police officers, soldiers and children when the connection is sexual.

    I would cut down on immigration but am against forced repatriation. people are here, so we muct make the best of them. However to remain, they must learn English and while we will respect their ethnicity and religion, they must also respect ours and not feel offended at Easter eggs, Christmas lights etc etc.

    Would you vote for me?
  9. Interesting, you're OK then with murdering kids simply because, say, they annoy you. But If you get your jollies that way though, then you're for the drop? Hmmmm, I have to say that as a Manifesto committment it might need some tweaking. :wink:
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My point precisely! :wink:
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not a fecking chance!
    I however couldnt lie to the public as the current lot do, I am far too principled and in fact I couldnt fill in a prospective candidate form (I have been told of the questions they ask as a form of vetting!) I really couldnt lie enough to become a politician!
  12. @Jaeger. Mmmmmm, you are right. Lets look at some examples. Baby P. long drop off a short rope. The Bulger 2, not sure. PC murders PC (last week), yep rope for him. What I meant was the sort of stomach churning murder of children either for or after perverted sexual gratification. The 2 Soham girls for instance. I think he would be for the chop.

    It is complex. I must go away and smoke a pipe or two to re-think this. Can I put you down as a 'probable'?
  13. @Ugly. What can I do to get your vote? Any babys to kiss, opps no that makes me a paedo!! Buy your vote, nope thats out. So whats left. How about if I said that I would honestly answer any question ever set to me. I would not evade the point but give you a YES or NO answer. Would that convince you?