Another great British institution curtailed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by supermatelot, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. So one little ginge gets slapped across the back of the swede at school and it makes the newspapers? Fuck me, what a load of pish, why's he so fucking speshul (apart from the obvious disability)? Kids get more than just a slap across the face every day in schools everywhere for plenty of reasons and we don't have the newspapers filled about that.

    Load of shite, little cunt probably deserved it anyway.
  2. If he didn't before he does now.

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  3. Makes you wonder just what our boys are fighting for nowadays................
  4. Did you know that Gings have sizable larger johnsons that non ging's? Hite report

    its all, penis envy
  5. My well-endowed friend, I do hope you are happy in life, apart from having to uncoil your schlong to have a piss.

    I do believe the OP was actualy aiming at the views expressed of the repression of our once Great Sporting Nation, we brought the world such sports as Rugby, Football, Tennis, Golf, and "Its a Knockout" (Allemagne, Null Point).

    We had Wogs on glasses of jam, little Jesus depicted on Christmas cards, and Punjabs picking tea on PG Tips boxes.

    Then it all went "Viral", and Tony Blair,............the rest is history