Another "Grandad" history question....

I know that I can trawl various sources but I thought that the collective might shorten my search a little.

Paternal grandfather joined Royal Fusiliers in 1911, was posted to 2nd Bn (in India), did the Gallipoli jaunt, assaulted Hawthorn Redoubt 1st July 1916 and survived both (at least physically unscathed).

In March 1917, he was (or had volunteered for) transferred to RE as a signaller. His army papers that I have, suggest that he was a signaller in 2RF. I imagine that the 200% pay increase as a Sapper was quite an inducement.

He was shipped out to Mesopotamia (coincidentally on the same day that one of his younger brothers was killed at Neuville-Vitasse, 9th April 1917) and apart from some "exotic" illness that saw him convalescing for a while in Egypt, he survived intact.

He was de-mobbed in 1919 but was recalled in 1920, to the newly formed Royal Signals, before being de-mobbed again in 1922.

I'm trying to find out why he was re-called in 1920.

The two most likely reasons that I can come-up with are: The support for the White Russians that was going-on around then, or the formation of Royal Signals in 1920.



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The British Contingent withdrew from the North Russia Campaign no later than April 1919, so your latter reason is probably the more valid.
How about Ireland? Could he have been sent there for a while?
If his recall was linked to Ireland, I'd have thought that he'd either have been recalled to the RE or back to the infantry.

He did return to India but as AFS in 1942.

When did the occupation of Germany end post-Armistice?

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