Another Government "crisis" manufactured

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. And very good for the subject of the "The Book of Jeremy" but lets not do any of that looking ahead thing eh?
  2. I think you're ok. I'd class Arrse as Anti-social Media.
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  3. Fairness. Social mobility

    What a lovely, soft, fluffy sounding and wholly non definable concepts.

    And now people start shitting on that there has been no progress towards increasing said soft, fluffy sounding and wholly non definable concepts.

    What a surprise.
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  4. Again unfortunately she laboured the point and it’s being used against her.

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  5. And since she has been in power for just over a year, all the headlines do is show how quickly some will throw the teddies because you simply cannot change the entire country in that time especially when more pressing matters such as Brexit have to be dealt with.
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  6. A bit like the NI Assembly, that hasn’t been ‘Governing’ for the best part of a year?
    As well as superfluous, job creating quangoes, I reckon we could rid ourselves (as taxpayers) of a number of layers of local Government and we wouldn’t notice a difference to our lives.
    Self serving twats that they are!
  7. Quite agree.
    Didn't we have a Prime Minister who promised a bonfire of the Quangoes?
  8. Outside of the filter bubble/echo chamber, nobody actually cares nor is on the least surprised that a bunch of Left leaning types who have happily taken money to sit on a pointless Quango for 10 years are now complaining that their efforts have achieved anything apart from fine words.

    They were never going to and never will
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  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    BBC News has just said that Downing Street are saying that Millburn had been told he was not going to be reappointed as Chairman. Puts a different light onto his personal 'sacrifice' and the reason for resigning.

    Sour grapes anyone?
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  10. Maybe she should have had the common sense not to trumpet it then.
  11. Why? She wasn't in charge when the quango was created, and since she hasn't been in charge for even one full term the tantrum from the trough-snouter called Milband is actually irrelevant as all it shows is his overinflated sense of self importance
  12. You sir have got your priorities correct, worrying or even thinking about the orcs and hobbits that inhabit planet Westminster achieves nothing. like all governments trying to do the best for its citizens ( Tongue in cheek) they will stumble from one clusterfuck to the next, the outcome is predictable, we're screwed, unless of course you are the landed gentry, royalty, or severely minted. everyone else gets fucked over, nothing changes only the uniform.
  13. Glad to see he is so worried by Social Mobilty issues that he going to set up his own foundation

    Hope he willl have time to squeeze it into his other activities as a true Socialist

    Bridgepoint Capital
    Chairman, Bridgepoint European Advisory Board and chair of the firm’s Audit & Risk Committee.

    Sits on the board of Bridgepoint portfolio company Diaverum AB and is a Board member of Apos Therapy.

    Bridgepoint / Alan Milburn

    A M Strategy Limited
    Owns 76% of the shares. Which must be nice, since it has £3.8m cash at bank as at 31.03.2017

    Chair of PwC's UK Health Industry Oversight Board, objective to drive change in the health sector, and assist PwC in growing its presence in the health market.

    Mars Incorporated
    Board Adviser

    Chancellor of Lancaster University.
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  14. Harry must be thredders about 'Brexit'. But for that - he wouldnt have had to get engaged to Markle.
    He's "took one for the team".