Another Gopping Freak

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ritch, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Probably the first time she's seen a cock... Shame for her that its a marble one about an inch long. An absolute mong of a woman has fallen in love with a statue of Adonis. :| Clearly she's never been laid.

    I’m in love with 3ft statue of Adonis | The Sun |Woman|Health|Health

  2. "He never tires of the emotional side of it. I can talk to him for hours about what I'm feeling, something I could never do before in my relationships with a human man."

    Yeah thats because its a 3ft Marble statue & cant tell you to fuck off you fucking freak!
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  3. "And every time I walk in the door he says "'Ello love, 'stat you".
  4. Truth be told, she's been shoving the whole fucking statue up her sloppy dripping cunt.
  5. Wonder if she can insert it all of it the dirty sexyinafetishforwimminwhoinsertanythingkindofway.
  6. Classic case of being a fat ugly cunt!

    Can't wait for her to go to florence and meet her dream man, Michaelangelos "David", Hopefully she'll be overcome with lust clamber up onto it hoping to straddle dai's face and pull the fucking thing on top of her crushing the life from her fat fucking mutant carcass.

    Daft cunt!!!
  7. Do you think she only gets the head in, or manages to squeeze it past the shoulders?
  8. I think she'd ram it all the way up to its base.
  9. Come on where's the fucking standards gone?!?

    I'd fucking nail it!!
  10. How wonderful; a woman who fulfills her need for constant attention by getting it from a stone midget.

    Damn right you couldn't you tedious wretch. Any female needs that can't be met with a decent length now and again, and a bit of exercise from shoving the Hoover around, aren't worth the time of any human man.
  11. Low standards in the willy size department that one. But at least he is always rock hard.

  12. I think this one's lost her marbles.

    No doubt she's one of those women who've 'made celibacy a lifestyle choice'* because they're too plug-ugly to have any other option. Couldn't find the recent-ish thread about it.

    * or some such twaddle.
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  14. that made me gob my coffee out, even got a chuckle from the mrs....
  15. [​IMG]

    She could keep this one in the bedroom.