Another good ex / what can be done if people can be arrsed

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Company Patrol Base ex at Longmoor: REME blokes along for a gander / taste of Infantry plus the Puppies of War ( aka the Meerkats* ) from ULOTC as enemy.

    Time spent in rehearsals as usual invaluable on eg. anti-ambush drills; TONS of ammo ( over 20000 blank ); worlds' supply of illum, grenades plus some ( ahem ) special BIG bangs, and our shiney new FAC to make life interesting for the boots on the ground ( and keep the MFC on his toes. ) Some of the air chat was clearly with Americans such as VIPER 99... how on earth they joined the Ex remains a mystery...

    Lots of patrolling and G2 stuff leading to a dawn attack; snatch and strike ops through the night; platoon commander tested as always in a FIBUA environment. Section commanders showing good command and control, plus the added comedy value of a rather slight screw doing the up-close pointy finger shouty thing at a naughty Rifleman about twice his size. That particular neck remained wound in. :D

    The whole attack phase lasted for about 2 1/2 hours.

    What I think most impressive is that the whole ex was planned and executed by TA soldiers. Shows what can be done if people can be arrsed.

    (* "Right you greasy students, who wants some more food?" sees the "meerkat" reflex of student heads suddenly popping up and sniffing around... :D )
  2. Good work!!!!!

    Sounded fun
  3. A mystery indeed. How did you get air at the weekend?

    Also if you are at a RTT how did you get a shiney new FAC?
  4. BB2Z Get a Fkin life :evil:
  5. thought you'd been particularly elusive this weekend at RTC..
  6. I turn up at the RTC but I'm not posted there. With a Rifle company.

    @jock - eh?
  7. bravo_bravo who came along from reme?

    just out of interest :)
  8. Jesus things have improved. I'm a reg (or ARAB to you STAB cnuts), I was trying to convince my brother in law to join the regs, he decided on the TA as a taster.

    Completes training, everythings cool for a while. His first ex? They had to shout "Bang Bang" during a section attack, and practice throwing grenades with pineapples???

    He swiftly left after returning from ex, never to be persuaded again.

    And yet you get 20000 blank rounds? In one year the TA has turned into a pro org? One Army? I'm yet to be convinced.
  9. Not exactly sure, East London way?
  10. As Bravo_Bravo says, it relies on someone getting off their arrse and organising it. We're yet to be convinced on the One Army thing too, but in fairness I'd much prefer the blank and pyro went in the direction of OPTAG.

    That having been said, if your PSIs are any good, you can normally expect couple of decent mil skills exercises a year. Last year was fairly dry and tedious until the last three days of camp, where I think regiment rolled out it's entire year's pyro stockpile. Which backfired a bit, since we couldn't even carry it all, never mind fire it. Reference organisation above...
  11. We in the TA are so far behind, the pineapple was probably meant to go with gammon. Still, hopefully the black forest gateaux was not spoiled in a similar way.
  12. Fair point about getting off one's arse, not sure I agree with the OPTAG thing, I think every ex should have all the 'bells and whistles'.

    Thats hilarious :D :D :D
    Defo sounds like a Catering Support Regiment thing
    One thing I will give the TA lads I've met, is a good sense of humour
  13. The Puppies of War ( ULOTC Meerkats ) on hearing that there is an unclaimed half of cider in the end house

  14. I thank you.

    Pls excuse me now, I have a bottle of Blue Nun waiting.
  15. Was his first ex at the beginning of the training year?

    It's the usual thing - Last big ex of the training year and all the stockpiled ammo comes out to be blown - cos let's face it if it wasn't used then you don't need that much next year