Another good day to bury bad news?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Omen, May 10, 2007.

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  1. ID card costs soar £400m as Home Office accused of burying bad news

    The cost of an ID card rocketed to £105 yesterday amid damaging evidence the Government was trying to bury bad news.

    Under the cover of Tony Blair's resignation speech, a Home Office report revealed the estimated cost of the controversial scheme has increased by a staggering £640m in only six months.

    Poke here for the full story

    Some things never change.
  2. Why, after 10 years of these people, is nothing a surprise any more?
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder what else will be slipped out under the radar.

    I see that Prescott's resignation has gone pretty much unnoticed, but then he had become such a waste of space that I don't suppose anyone will notice (apart from the savings on his salary, car, grace and favour appartments etc etc)
  4. Interest rates have gone up too.
  5. Typical timed to perfect - should we expect any different?

  6. Bury bad news !! The BBC has done NOTHING but sing Blair's praises ALL day. How can this be ? 1827 hrs - it is still going on!

    Bury bad news !! Today the BBC has FLOUTED GOOD NEWS. I have no doubt that slimy little shits (politicians and the politicised civil servants) are burying as I type.
  7. I was genuinely gobsmacked by the BBC.

    I saw an interview with William Hague, where he said words to the effect of:

    I giggled as he drew them in and then gave them the sucker punch.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw him quoted on the BBC website along the lines of:

    v v poor
  8. I don't think that hiding Prescott's resignation can be classed as hiding "bad" news...I can only assume that the renta-mob in Sedgefield were selected from Hull by party apparatciks, which was why the street outside Prezza's Deputy Fuhrerbunker was deserted.

    Nice to see Prezza's loyalty in co-resigning...or did he see that his position was going to be in the sits Vac hell or high water?

    As for the ID cards, I would rather go to prison than pay for a compulsory piece of ID instituted and administered by government departments I have already shelled out for quids over odds!
  9. I must admit being taken aback with the figures quoted. Utterly staggering - and a national disgrace.

    I can never understand why Neu Arbeit are consistently likened to the Tories? They're - or rather were - poles apart; New Labour are anything but 'conservative' and are totally communistic in outlook. You've only got to look at cnuts like Ried, Clarke, Hain et al. All bloody lefties.

    Anyhow, what does (call me) Dave intend to do about ID cards? He'll run with the fcuker. Oh aye. HM Opposition? Just what have the Tories opposed in the last ten years? They've even voted in favour on issues that even the Labour backbenchers have vetoed.

    ID cards, EU Constitution? Rest assured, it might not have happened during Tony's tenure, but it'll happen under a Cameron one! Space, Waste Of, Qty x1.
  10. Unfortunately Cuddles, that would be far too simple: a month in chokey for rebellion against the State? More likely would be a prolonged court case costing the taxpayer millions, you many thousands in costs, a lost job, repossessed house, trashed marriage and a future in a shop doorway drinking bleach through a pair of dirty tights.

    You WILL have it matey, otherwise you're going nowhere with a passport or driving license that's only 50% valid without your Ausweiss. Don't even think of opening a bank account. And how will you pay or get paid in the (conveniently track-able) cashless society that's just around the corner?

    People are having their lives wrecked for much less than ID refusal. Gawp in amazement as a parking fine can make your house disappear. Worried? I am!
  11. BBC, led by Naughtie, still lauding the unmentionable Bliar's praise !

    If Bliar had spent as much time in the UK as the time now being given over to his 'ten years', maybe the NHS would work, schools would turn out children who can read and write, our streets would be safer, and the fabric of our society would have remained intact.

    Now we have to listen to Bush's token woman (Rice) telling us how good the twerp has been.

    Now, we have the Brown leadership campaign manager.

    Bliar has been a disaster, and Brown will be equally bad.
  12. Britain now leads Europe in killing cancer patients LINK

    Tory policy is to dump ID cards as soon as they get into power and spend the cash on policing our borders. David Davis announced this a while ago. Some of the companies involved are losing interest because of this.

    I don't think ID cards will ever happen. Look at the mess that NHS computing is in. couldn't even set up a web server with a spreadsheet on it. They've got no chance of delivering a project the size of ID cards.
  13. A sentence containing the word 'pissup', 'organise' and 'brewery' occurs to me.
  14. Why should that be seen in Whitehall as a reason to abandon it? That'd mean giving up the chance to throw squillions at their mates in Accenture or EDS and would completely screw their chances of walking straight into a nice executive role when they leave public 'service'.

    "If it ain't broke, don't attribute it to New Labour".
  15. News sources are saying that there are 5 candidates for the running of deputy PM. I was wondering if James Naughtie ( who referred to Labour as we and us), was considering throwing his hand in the ring then we could have a Scottish double dream ticket with the stamp of approval from Pravda and Naughtie could even keep his job in the proocess. Only thing that kept me sane yesterday was watching Jeremy Paxman give Alistair Campbell a going over on Newsnight.

    Of all the people asked to cover Blair's resignation. R4 Today program was a 3 hr long Labour political broadcast.