Another General (Retd.) speaks out?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unsworth, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. It has been mentioned.
  2. Most posts on this theme have been, why didn't Guthrie speak out like Dannatt while he was the duty General. I must admit he seemed a bity too far inside the tent to me.

    However it seems talking to old muckers that Lord G considered an outburst a la CGS and then decided the slow drip-drip-drip of "I wouldn't do that Prime minister" a la Sir Humphrey was probably likely to be more effective in the long run. Which seems very credible.

    I'm not sure what Mike Jackson's excuse was, because he apparently never said no and certainly didn't make any outbursts - except at the Russians in Kosovo!
  3. Very good points, all. I was never too impressed by Jackson. He always seemed to be playing the part, rather than actually being the part. As to Guthrie's drip drip - well it didn't seem to work, did it? So I think Dannatt got that bit right. But I still wonder whether Dannatt has the strength in depth that he needs to take on the likes of Blair. I do hope so.
  4. Whats the bet that Dannat won't make CDS......
  5. That will depend on how long he stays as CGS. If he outlasts this bunch of monkeys his chances improve, of course. But I wouldn't gamble on it at this point...

    These NuLab control freaks are completely vindictive. Not one of them is big enough to accept criticism or fair comment.
  6. I think the phrase is "that the truth hurts"? i dont fancy his chances of staying in the job for long either, I'm sure they make up some cokc and bull story to get him out if he doesnt fall on his sword.
  7. Well Guthwie only got there because the Crab incumbent got caught playing away with that Spanish bint Bienvenida Buck.

    (I watched a delighted Comd 1(BR)Corps dance all the way to the Bielefeld YMCA to buy his copy of Nooz of the Screws on the Sunday that news broke: he just knew everybody would get to move one rung further up the ladder than they deserved, as a result)
  8. The departure of Rumsfeld has probably changed the perspective. My guess is that Dannatt's chances of survival have improved. The real issue now is what happens in Iraq. If the Yanks pull out, then what happens in Basra?

    Do American plans include the safe extraction of our people or will they be left to fend for themselves?

    Anyone trust the USA to look after our interests, our people?
  9. Perhaps we could organise some more honey traps to help ourselves along? Aaah General, have you met my distant cousin , er what was your name again..? She'd really like to get to know you better......
  10. 1 and 3. Answer is No. Churchill once said "There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests"; expecting your 'friends' to look after your interests is like putting your meagre paypacket in the hands of a dodgy Xmas club.

    2. My money is on perfidious Albion crossing the LoD before the Septics start their exodus: the real challenge for B'liar (et seq) is to prep the political arena in UK, so that Joe Public doesn't see the exit as a failure: hence the govt talking about 'Iraqis being ready to take over security in location X, in about Y-months-time' That's what prompted this thread, 2 weeks ago:
    Official - UK Plc Iraq Escape Plan Under Development

    There's a similar line of logic in parts of the US Democratic Party: "Set deadlines and hold the Iraqi to them, otherwise they'll never be ready to take responsibility etc . . . "

    UK and US have 2 different problems thereafter, even if they can finesse an Iraq drawdown.

    US (under either party's governance) needs to secure Middle East oil (as do we, but . . . what with . . ?)

    UK will continue to feel the need to operate against the TLB in AFG, as a way of supporting a dominant position in NATO/Europe, an alliance with the USA, and a perma-seat at the UNSC, but will have to reinforce the presence, or admit to failure.

    So overstretch will continue, even though adequate resources for the purported rebuilding/development mission in AFG will - in all likelihood - NOT be forthcoming.

    It stinks of becoming a "First NATO leader out of AFG is a Loser" name-calling game.

    In my case - it's way too late. For you, on the other hand, I'd be happy to point you to an apiary or two, if you thought it would help.

    P.S. Just 4 you, V-R: Spit's pawprint adorns my dining room wall to this very day. If that makes sense to you, pse feel free to PM me.