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Another General enters politics

First 1, now a 2nd, shortly there'll be a flood of them!

BBC News said:
A recently retired Army general has been appointed as a specialist military adviser to the first minister.

Major General David McDowall was Scotland's most senior soldier, until earlier this year.

It is expected that he will advise the government on issues concerning war veterans and their families.

Good thing? I'm less than certain.


Book Reviewer
All_I_Want said:
Auld-Yin said:
MrShanklysboots said:
Nope. Another Sweaty in Government.
Strangely enough, there are quite a few Sweatys in the Scottish Government :D
Are there any English in the Scottish government?
Minister for Europe, Culture, External Affairs and the Constitution - Mike Russell from Kent.

Minister for Public Health and Sport - Shona Robinson from Redcar.

Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and for Defence - Angus Robertson from London.

Shadow Minister for Social Justice - When they were in opposition. Christine Grahame from Burton on Trent.

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