Another Gay lad in London!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by alantheskinhead, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Any gay lads in London up for a meeting with a ex-army bloke? Ex boxer, not your normal poofta if there a such a thing! Come on boys...i know i wasn't the only poofta in the army. I got to see action as well and I never fired a shot in anger if you get my meaning..... :D


    Erm, no thanks mate

    You might want to hide your email address from your profile..... that way we won't see your instructions to people on how to clean up after sh1tting all over each other when its googled.
  3. Well I know for sure that we arent the only ones! I've met about 6 gay men who are either in or were part of the British Army in about 2 years of living in London... I think most blokes are just VERY discrete about it! I used to get sh!t when I was in the Cyprus National Guard and that was jsut a conscription service - I can only imagine the sh!t guys have to go through in the British Armed Forces, especially as Brits are particularly macho guys and will take the piss like there is no tomorrow!
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one! Get Sh!t. What do you expect when you stick your todger up some blokes passage?
  5. Do you do ATM?
  6. Hehe good one mate! :D