Another Forces Embarassment On National TV!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zxninerpilot, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. As the weather of late has forced me to retire the motorbike into light pres for the foreseeable future, I found myself watching one of my most favouritist programmes on the box last night - Holiday Showdown Extreme, or something like that where 2 families go head-to-head in a bizarre holiday swap.

    One of the heads of family claimed to be ex Air Corps, and he came across as being extremely bonkers, sporting a Dali-esque waxed tash, coupled with a bandana!!! He thrashed both families to, and indeed beyond, breaking point with his physiological and psychological assaults.

    I could not believe that someone of this background could possibly embarass themselves constantly during one hours televisual entertainment, but he passed with "flying" colours. He nearly made that twit lieutenant from The Apprentice look normal.

    Does anyone know this chap? Did he really serve in HM Armed Forces?

    I hope he wasn't allowed to fly anything! I have had dealings with 1 Regt AAC previously, and he did seem rather familiar....

    What a complete horses arrse.
  2. Was it MDN?
  3. Not Mad Bob ?.
  4. I thought he was referring to JD's QT last night which would have been totally out of order as I thought he was ACE :D
  5. Seen. There was something about him that suggested military, however I agree that it was embarassing - but then it's all in how the prog is edited!
  6. Obviously due to OPSEC, I wouldn't wish to give his name away, but he shares surnames with the lead singer from Simple Minds?

    Is that cryptic enough?

    Oh and he shares first names with children's favourite Mr Pandy!!
  7. Found this via the website :

    Fireman Andy K......., 44, and his family live in Newton Aycliffe near Durham. Every Christmas they push themselves to the limit on an extreme sports holiday in Slovenia. Before joining the fire service Andy spent 6 years in the Army Air Corp and he runs his holidays like he runs his home - with military precision. While Andy takes charge of physical fitness, mum Caroline, 41, is in charge of catering making sure Andy and their three children Chris, 18, Sean, 16, and Tasha, 14, are well fed and watered. Andy sees his family as "a corporation with a corporate head figure!"

  8. Is there a pic I might know him
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Never quite left the forces, but was never quite in them either. There's people like him all over the world and in film. The latest edition of Sharpe on the box had one with handlebar moustache; the film Gallipoli had one doing the basic training, and they had one in Platoon.

    Psychologically damaged, thought the forces was the answer . . . but it wasn't. A padded room or a talking to with a shovel would have been better; most certainly not breeding or working with other forces personnel, and NEVER with recruits.

    Edited to add: Sorry, not Gallipoli - the film about the PTE writer/poet in the Somme.
  10. Yes, just look at any picture of Salvador Dali during one of his (many) mad moments!

    The man was clearly unhinged after 6 years service. That doesn't bode well for me, I must by default be 4 times madder!!!!!

  11. I watched it and cringed. Mind you - the chav family was even worse !! They turn the air blue in front of the kids - and wonder why the children start swearing. Actually , the children seemed to cope better.
  12. And why on earth were they getting up at 0630hrs prompt? I don't know of any ski resorts where the lifts open much before 0900! And even then, that's well before holiday reveille!!
  13. The fireworks at Disney Land reminded him of being in Baghdad. To me he looks a bit to old to have served on Telic 1 and we didn't get to Baghdad in GW 1. I think this fruit cake likes to tell a tall story or two.
    On another point how the hell did Andy and his Muntercroccadogapig wife manage to produce such a fit daughter.
  14. Just imagine this chap with a bandana on. It's him, I tell you!!!

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  15. Don't recall there ever being a big firework display to celebrate the capture of Baghdad. Was it ticket only? Was Nell McAndrew doing a turn on stage too? Bloody missed out there.