Another for the stranger than fiction file?

A conventional modern (dysfunctional) family.
Upon arrival, he was greeted by his mother “dressed like a man”, which he thought she had done to “wind him up”.


Whacky families or what?


Welsh, you say? Chubb's been quiet recently.

Quoted from the article

Jim Humphrys, defending the teenager, told the court it was unsurprising that the teenager had lashed out.

“He should have received some form of counselling.”
Ah yes, "counselling"; modern society's cure for all ailments.
This is where i live and i am now goin to make it my duty to find who this fecker is.
Some people let the side down...


So this kid gets home, Mum's suddenly dressed up as a bloke and says she's going to be his Dad, probably. And where's his old man? upstairs crossdressing?

"Magistrates gave him a conditional discharge after the court heard he had been shocked at the news and had acted out of character." Wonder why....Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Tourette's Syndrome, probably the least of his worries and hardly a surprise is it.

Feckin traumatised for life I'd say 8O

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