Another for Darwin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by right-grumpy, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. She's still fuckable, you're too fussy.
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  2. I did not say I would not still do her but, have you tried to get in a morgue!

    One of the bits I find amazing 'no air between the water and the cover laying on it' who would have thought!
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  3. Aye Darwins got form for that at the moment, that marathon runner who did herself in with sports supplements was highly shaggable as well.

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  4. Since the London Marathon, but with inquests and so forth I reckon she'll have been kept in cold storage, half hour in a warm bath & you'll be good to go!
  5. Golden - fresh enough to stay in one piece and 'gamey' enough for the maggots to tickle your Right Honourable Member while you're putting her through her paces. Score.
  6. Pathologists just the time of death by the internal residual body temperature, there's a career opportunity for you then.
  7. Never mind that. Just imagine you paid all that money to rent a ski chalet and housekeeper, and you get up in the morning and find that breakfast ain't ready......Fucking hell.
  8. and you cant use the pool because your housekeeper is floating face down in it!
  9. Stand by for the facebook tribute page and the charidee set up by parents warning adolescents about the dangers of covered swimming pools....
  10. Did anyone mention her being a bit dense?
  11. Posh retard dies. It's always the easy ones He takes from us.
  12. Stoppit you lot I have wood.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sounds too much like foreplay - I'd keep me thermals on personally.
  14. Having finally bothered my arse to read the link, at the end of the season she faced returning to...*ominous pause*...Bognor Regis!

    I fear we've been too harsh on this poor, doomed woman.