Another football 'role model?'

"The photograph was apparently taken at his home by his girlfriend". How the f**k did it get in the paper then?
Publicity stunt gone wrong, or just a prize *********?
FFS - what do these guys use as brains? Probably think with their dicks!
If you'd had your arse kissed and nearly every miss giving you've made dissmissed by "The Club" since age of about 8 you'd find it hard to think like the rest of us shitmunchers too, my mate at work had a son who was taken on the books of Man U aged 9, and it skewed the poor lads way of thinking so much so that my mate pulled him out as his behaviour became more and more erratic.


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Got to love the Scum. lets not let the truth in the way of a story, I cant stand the scum or the other scum scrote footballers, A replica I Hope not.... hang him flog him... I say
Nobody on here ever had a photo taken with a weapon when they were young and guns were still an exciting novelty then?
Yes, but that is hardly the point is it? I'd anticipate that the average squaddie on here has some posey with guns photos. A civvie posing with a shooter to big himself up, make him a bit gangsta, is entirely different.

If da yoof wish to emulate me, make me a role model, all they have to do, is buck up, join up, **** up (but get away with it) CONFORM and stick with their career choice. It's not hard, it's integrity, choosing to do the difficult but correct thing, instead of the easy and wrong thing.
He's named Nile Ranger.

Is that a pseudonym along the likes of Tigris Commando or Danube Delta? These ethnic types really do choose shite names for their offspring.

Kind Regards,

Kylie Chardonnay Rooney Pussyfucker

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