Another Firemens Strike on its way?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Radio 4 has just reported that the Fire Brigades Union is threatening to strike in half a dozen areas but the Government has refused to supply any military cover.

    Army will not provide cover

  2. Is that government refusing or has the MOD grown some balls?
  3. erm erm erm, the MOD and balls, i think not!!!!
  4. Just heard on the news the Government has refused to use the army to give cover, also heard yesterday that the army is too busy with overseas comitments

  5. Short term impact - As long as you are not the poor sod burning to death!

    Inexcusable - Going on strike when you know there is no cover is inexcusable.

    It does throw up a few questions though.

    Is this the government putting strong arm or guilt tactics on the firemen to reduce the risk of strikes?

    Are the firemen right to strike for the sake of a long term solution?

    Who will be blamed if some poor sod perishes because there was no cover?
  6. IMO the blame lise purly with the fireshirkers if anyone dies

    There are no shortage of applicant for their jobs, and their job is no more dangerous than the average sqauddie's job right now, they know the army is overstretched.

    If they call the governments bluff and strike and some poor **** dies then they have shirk there duty to do a job they are well payed for.
  7. I have to say that the FBU needs to rethink it's actions. The forces are not the stop-gap when some firefighter wants to go on strike and absolve themselves of responsibility. :x
    Imagine the public reaction when the first 999 cals are made and there is a fatality. The cry will not be "Where is the Army/Navy/RAF"? It will rest soley with the brigade. That's what they get paid handsomly for and it is time now to earn it.
    Failing that when we are short in the sandpit and the 'Gan can we get them to fill in for a while :? :?

    Now........who is for a good roast today :? :?

  8. There on strike because the government and local councils are trying to bin many of the retained fire stations, so can see their point this time, unlike when they claimed they were all so poor!!
  9. I think the firemen (I refuse to use the psuedo macho/PC term 'Firefighter') Have good pay. good working conditions. I know nothing about the threat of fire station closure so can't comment on that. I agree that the FBU should think more carefully though. I think the public in general has seen too many strikes in too short a space of time.
  10. Just to put the tin lid on it as well. As reported in the press most of the Green Goddess fire engines are now for public sale.

    Green Goddess for sale

  11. Already the finger blame starts to point towards anyone but the strikers
  12. The Goddess's have been removed from service due to the fact the Gov has bought lots of proper fire engines now.

    Remember the huge fire at the petrol refinery in Hemel? Well less than six months after that fire where there were not enough Firemen or appliancies the local council have decided that as they have over spent they will cut further fire jobs. So if that fire happens again it will take out the whole town. And yes it is the same local authority.

    The Gov are playing Russian Roulette, saying that it is upto the local authority to provide cover, and will happily pass the buck over to them if there are any losses of life. When the reasons for the cuts in funding and therefore the direct cause for the strike it Uncle Tony's, just another slimy face saving action designed to pass the blame to others.

    A little like all the cuts happening in the health service I supose........

    And I better add I dont agree with striking, but I also dont know what else the fire crews are suposed to do to try and keep the cover need to save lives and property, but just standing there and taking it has shown not to work.
    And the retained crews and stations (AFAIK) worked throughout the national strikes, a nice thankyou from their mates in the ODPM huh?

    At least this time it isnt going to be too long, and hopefully there will be no injuries!
  13. How about the Corporate Manslaughter thing being laid at the feet of the union?
  14. To be quite honest I feel rarther p****ed off when the FBU think they can rely on the Armed Forces to provide cover when they have 'issues' to sort out.

    However, the one good thing about being in the Army (there are many more) is that we relish a challange and we thrive on taking the morale highground. If, and possible when we have to cover the Fire Brigade, we just get on with it. We're not doing it in a show of solidarity to our'Firefighter' brothers - f**k them. We are however doing it, because as always we are the last line of defense and the best suited to do it.

    I personally, would much prefer to be doing something rather than nothing to prevent innocent people dying - if that is to be the case.

    At no time do I support the strikes. From the impression I get, they seem to have it relatively easy compared to other members of the Services. They seem to be the only ones that have public support (the Police are inept and the Armed Forces are a bunch of gun toting hooligans), however, this support will soon diminish in the light of future striikes.

    Hey, and you never know, if we put a positive spin on this and get the Media on our side we might get some good publicity out of it - but there again!!

    Today’s strike will act as a test for further disputes. The Government confirmed that there would be no emergency cover from the Armed Forces. Angela Smith, the Fire and Rescue Minister, said that using soldiers to cover the strike would have “an unacceptable impact on defence activities”.
    Ms Smith said that the “green goddesses” had been sold, and the Armed Forces had not been trained to operate new fire engines.
    She said that after the White Paper on Fire Service reforms in 2003 it had been made clear that fire authorities should not be able to rely on the Armed Forces to provide cover.
    “They are simply not able to offer the same level of protection . . . and should not simply be rolled out to deal with each and every dispute,” she said.

    You'd think the army was busy or something! :D