Another fine JPA mess - AIP recovery this month

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by massarge, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. They've done it again.

    This time lots of people have been overpaid by having an AIP (level uplift) granted for second trades at Class 1 and 2 since 2007.

    The overpayments will be notified this month with recovery starting next month. Some of the amounts are £5k+.

    Mostly affecting RE, RLC and R Signals, the overpayments have been blamed on a Migration Problem that has only just been detected.

    SPVA state that despite it being no fault of the individual, monies will have to be recovered, although an appeal process is in place?!
  2. Just come across the first case of it here. Have you seen the casework? Looks quite convincing to me but with things the way they are...........
  3. I've reposted to throw this back into the last 50.

    Some of you have now been notified of the recovery and are posting furiously in different forum groups - post here for the facts!
  4. My unit admin are supporting everyone here who has been caught up in this and are currently in the process of attempting to get it written off, a tadge over £500 in my case. I do hope it does get written off, not just because of the amount, but because how was anyone supposed to notice this by looking at their paystatements?? A complete abortion, and why did it take so long to pick up?
  5. It should be recovered. Why should someone get something for nothing? It may not have been your error, but you still spent the money.
  6. Fair enough if it was something that could be picked up, and the soldier upon noticing the overpayment thought "fcuk it I'll spend it anyway and keep shtum" then yes pay it back and tough, but for something that was not even noticed till 3 years down the line why should i get financially penalised for a failing in the system?
  7. You're not getting financially penalised, you've received the money.
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  8. Granted, I know I've recieved the money, and I know that the system has the right to reclaim it. But i'm a squaddie and as such will moan like a grumpy thing about it :) not that it will help but one can only hope
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If they received the money in good faith and there was no obvious indication that they should not get it, and if they have then quite understandably, spent it, then any recovery IS a financial penalty.

    They will not only take a drop in what they had up to now expected to be paid, to bring them onto their (finally) correct ROP plus any repayment.
  10. BOLLOCKS. They've had money they shouldn't have had and therefore will benefit from interest earned on it. Oh, what's that? Didn't save it, pissed it up against the wall. Tough titty.

    What if you had a qualification that attracted specialist pay, but YOU didn't realise it, nor were you credited with it. Does the MoD have the right to retain that cash as YOU never asked about it?
  11. oldbaldy

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    Where the worker genuinely believed he or she was entitled to the overpayment and had spent the money in good faith a civil court might decide that the employer was not entitled to recover.
  12. It took me 18 months to chase down money i was owed and applyed for in good faith. They did everything they could to prevent paying me it. Will they give these lads 18 months to find the money? No i dont think they will.
  13. So by your reckoning everyone in the Armed fForces should always save and not spend anything on the off chance that JPA will fcuk them over in the future, even without any warning?
    I am in a position where I can afford to pay it off, but what about those who aren't? especially as they are due to start taking the money back at the end of Oct. just in time for xmas
  14. Do what you want with cash. It's your cash (or not as the case is).

    Everyone will be able to pay it, that is why it is a graduated recovery.

    End of October is just in time for Christmas is it? You're only 7 weeks out. Which probably explains the reason why your admin is so toss that you didn't notice you were getting paid incorrectly.

    Or did you just hope that no one would notice?
  15. Do you get paid as a barrack room lawyer?