Another fat scrounging bastard thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fieryjack, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Her claim was obviously a clerical oversight and as long as she apologieses to everyone she should be let off :D

    Oh no that's just MPs isn't it :roll:
  2. Burn the witch.
    Next case?
  3. Thought the thread was about Ann Widdecombe
  4. These idiots claiming incapacity benefit on false pretenses due to ill helath - maybee they should claim it for being totally mong in the head, i mean why do they always do things like play football or fcuking fun runs and get their piccies taken. Some people eh!!!! :frustrated:
  5. It's about the TA.

    Every other fcuking thread is. :roll:
  6. I agree, she should be made to stand up and mumble some form of apology whilst saying how ridiculous the whole thing is, not pay back the money and be let off scot free. Just use the Jaqui Defence, job done.

    Have you heard about the TA?
  7. What's that I about the TA? Not read or heard anything lately.
  8. T.A.? Thought we were scrapping it? So I heard from my cousins mates brother down the pub.
  9. No-one's mentioned anything about the TA on here, so it can't be that important.
  10. Are they wrongly claiming benefits too :?
  11. What the TA are on strike?
  12. Who would notice?
  13. A few of them are :wink:
  14. The fcuking pubs they frequent when on Training weekends!