Another farce: Mick Shepperd Acquitted of all charges

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Remember the huge press splash 9 months ago??

    "The Arsenal of Murder"

    "We believe guns sold via this business may have been used in at least 14 gang-related shootings in London, including three murders."

    Utter, utter bollox

    "Nine months later, the only man arrested on that day - Mick Shepherd - has walked free from the Old Bailey after being found not guilty of 12 firearms charges

    It emerged during the trial that the 900 guns found at Mr Shepherd's home were legally held and he had done nothing wrong. "

    I have heard it said that the VERY big press splash a couple of weeks back about the soldier selling 21 rounds of 9mm ammunition came about when those concerned in the Met. thought that the trial was in danger of immediate collapse.

    It staggered on for a few more weeks but in the end Shepperd was acquitted and the whole thing shown to be utter nonsense: no case to answer and the the lurid allegations shown to be wholly false.

    He will sue the arrse off them
  2. Told you so... ;)
  3. You did. It always stank because of the huge media coverage and show trial approach. Clearly unable to catch real criminals dealing in firearms?

    Just go and clobber an easy target and spin it into a triumph, e.g.

    A man has been charged with a total of four weapons offences following a raid on a house, Scotland Yard said.

    Mick Shepherd, 55, was charged with conspiracy to sell or transfer prohibited weapons, conspiracy to sell or transfer prohibited ammunition, conspiracy to put people in fear and possession of prohibited weapons.

    Shepherd, of Wentworth Drive, Dartford, Kent, was charged by officers from Operation Trident.

    He will appear in custody at Highbury Corner magistrates tomorrow morning.

    The weapons seized during the raid on his house range from pump action shotguns to automatic pistols.

    Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Davis said: "This operation has resulted in hundreds of guns being taken out of circulation and has potentially prevented a number of serious injuries or even deaths occurring on the streets of London."

    Operation Trident is the Metropolitan Police's operation to investigate so-called black-on-black gun crime.

    Detective Chief Superintendent Davis went on: "The seizure demonstrates Trident's determination not only to target the gunmen but also tackle those who are responsible for supplying guns in the first place."

    Scotland Yard confirmed that US law enforcement agencies carried out a linked operation in New Jersey.

    I hope Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Davis is now considering his career options because the time, effort and cost that went into this opportunistic persecution of a well known antique firearms dealer with all his wares on a public website (rather than catching Eastern European dealers in death who tend not to have websites) must be huge.
  4. Quite. What a grade A knob. I despair at plod sometimes.
  5. I remember the speed with which the pics of the interior of Mick's place were splashed all over the press.

    On a serious note, will he be able to continue as an RFD after Plod/CPS were shown to have dropped one in a very public manner?
  6. If they were to oppose his RFD status being restored withhout very, very good cause then I suspect he would have yet another right of action.

    As it is he will most likely persue a very substantial civil claim against the Met. who destroyed his business and reputation on the basis of a what turned out to be a wholly perverse technical interpretation of the law relating to antique firearms.

    It has been commented that what he was charged with was effectively the same as charging any motorist in the UK with a speeding offence just because their car is potentially capable of more than 70mph.

    Those wild allegations made against him to the Press in great haste by Police officers are now shown to be entirely false are potentially actionable in their own right. No doubt his legal team are sharpening their pens right now.
  7. A bit like the urban myth of the defendant asking to be charged with rape as well "as I was in possession of the necessary equipment"?
  8. The usual apologists for plod are conspicious by their absence....suppose one can't defend the indefensible :roll:
  9. Hoopla around this is very reminiscent of what we had occur here with the Duke rape case that fell apart on the prosecutor...
  10. Come on Hogg, Yamyak, et al whadya have to say about this?
  11. The right result, although he should have been charged with bad taste in shirts and music.
  12. Bit harsh but fair.

    Been pointed out to me that the story currently on the BBC website originally read as follows:

    Exploiting lethal 'legal loophole'
    BBC News, UK
    By Chris Summers A gun dealer specialising in antique firearms has been convicted of selling deadly weapons which ended up on Britain's streets. ...

    In the best traditions of Blue Peter: "Here is one I prepared earlier......."
  13. Whats the betting though that there will be some legislation come out of this case about the way dealers operate ?
  14. i wonder if he will get the gats back, seeing as he was not breaking the law?