Another Falklands War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jayymayyn, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Is there going to be another Falklands war now that large amounts of oil has been found on the islands and Argentina still hasn't renounced its claim on ownership of the islands ?

    If so do we have the capability of keeping the islands in they invade we must remember Argentina also have South - American backing from country's such as Chile ect.

    And finally will the U.S.A get involved as they remained neutral in the first Falklands war ?

  2. This hasn't been done before. :roll:
  3. Journo?
    And no their wont be to keep it short, they have less capibilities than the Army Cadet Force..
    IT would be suicide for them to fight, the euro fighters stationed there could just about mop them all up, and if the rest of south america got involved, then we might need to send jimmy and the lads from the naffi to go down the give them all the shits so they go home.
    And America, the probably would at some stupid deal for oil, but why would we need them?..
  4. There was a Falklands War?
  5. The search function works sometimes.
  6. Journos/knobs don't search, they pose searching questions hoping for a bite :twisted:
  7. Nope im not a journo

    I was wondering when i join the army what other possible future wars after Afghan we may be involved in and where i most likely will be deployed and i thought another Falklands might be the next war after Afghan

    Thanks for the answer sid (y)
  8. Sinner im asking if theres going to be a Falklands war 2
    i know there has already been a falklands war

    BTW I have used the search bar but its all about the falkland war not if there is going to be another one
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Why is a 16 year old interested in this?
    Fancy a penguin?
  10. We are about as likely to go to war in the Falklands again as we are to invade Iran. Neither is going to happen.
  11. Do you think there will be no future wars for a while and we will just do peacekeeping ?
  12. You never can tell with the British army - we're forever galloping off to the unlikeliest places. Who'd have thought when Northern Ireland started to wind-down, we'd find ourselves in the Balkans for the next decade? Or when they found their feet again, that we'd be off to a place our forebears must have thought they'd seen the last of (Afghanistan). Much more likely than a Falklands War Mark 2 is some kind of EU-led peacekeeping mission. Stick a pin in a map and then think of somewhere weirder. It'll probably be there.
  13. I am interested in this because i may be fighting in it
  14. That thread is all about the possibillity of the Falkands Kicking off again. :roll:
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