Another failure of Bliar's immigration policy

A major people trafficking trial has collapsed:

Funnily enough, several illegal immigrants who were due to give evidence, could not be found. Well, there's a surprise.

Both Chinese defendants were also illegal immigrants, although amazingly, one of them has now been granted leave to remain.

About time the military took over HM Immigration Service....
ViroBono said:
.About time the military took over HM Immigration Service....
Steady on VB old chap! :D

I'm sure you're right. We could just about fit in a spot of 'immigrant herding' in between solving Iraq; straightening out the Balkans; stabilising Sierra Leone and Afghanistan; keeping those nasty Argies off our islands; maintaining a presence on about 15 different other islands worldwide (including Diego Garcia!) and umpteen BMATTs; marching up and down bits of tarmac in London; compusory Equal Opportunities training; covering for hooligan firemen; training for BATUS and Poland; and fitting in POTL, career courses, annual leave and...a personal life!

(Just kidding VB!)
My suggestion presupposes that we take over the Government first.

Then, once Bliar, the Scottish Thief, Hoon and the other shabby excuses are marched away to Bernoulli's pit, the reorganisation of this once great country can begin (cue flags and martial music).....

Oh well, nice to dream. :lol:
Excellent drills VB!

Who would you see as Prime Minister? PTP? MDN? :)D)
Who would be SofS for Defence (not Flash!)
I think Minister for Looking Foxy should be Dale.

Any other suggestions?
Minister for looking Foxy should be BriteGirlie

Then again, there is the small matter of that Naarthern accent of hers?

Some sessions in the Ministry of Re-Education and Enlightenment perhaps? :D
How about Mr W. Churchill for PM, Mr A. Wellesley as SofS defence, and Mr G(Ghengis)Khan as CDS? The only drawback would be the guaranteed expansion of the cavalry..........I think I'll have to rethink that one. :wink:
Some new legislation will clearly be needed.

- the Burberry Prohibition Act (as amended to include other brands as determined from time to time)

- the Martial Law (Summary Execution) Act which should nicely tidy up noisy town centre bars and clubs

- the Obesity Act, which will see redundant speed cameras reprogrammed to spot and fine lardies and pie-eaters. Together with Weight Taxation legislation this will see an improvement in public health and a downturn in NHS spending

- New legislation will deal with the current trend of teenage pregnancy. Only those able to support their brats will be allowed to keep them. The CSA will be replaced by the new National Dogfood Agency.

I'm sure we can think of more.... :lol:

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